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Energy Medicine Education & Training | Energy Medicine Partnerships - Energy Medicine Partnerships offers education and training in the energy medicine field. Click here for more information on our trainings.

  • http://www.energymedicinepartnerships.com/a/training-programs/tylem.html TYLEM | Energy Medicine Partnerships - Transform Your Life through Energy Medicine (TYLEM™) Energy Medicine is the art and science of healing through the energy system. It combines complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) with traditional health care using an integrated holistic
  • http://www.energymedicinepartnerships.com/a/training-programs/self-care.html Self-Care Training Programs | Energy Medicine Partnerships - Visit Energy Medicine Partnerships which offers self-care training programs and much more. Click here to browse thru our trainings.
  • http://www.energymedicinepartnerships.com/a/training-programs/certification.html Certification | Energy Medicine Partnerships - This article contains TYLEM and EMSC Instructor training. Click here for a PDF copy. TYLEM Instructor Training To see the TYLEM course background,  click here. Mission Provide adequate training and support to offer one or more of the Energy
  • http://www.energymedicinepartnerships.com/a/training-programs/animal-program.html Animal Programs | Energy Medicine Partnerships -   The Children’s Program is designed around kids' needs in caring for and about animals. This unique program will address the basics as well the unique features of healing of the self through our animal connections in harmony with nature.  
  • http://www.energymedicinepartnerships.com/a/training-programs/special-programs.html Special Programs | Energy Medicine Partnerships -   Expanding upon the TYLEM core teachings, these programs are tailored to specific situations and professions including: Physicians Organizations Massage Therapists Nurses Seniors Kids
  • http://www.energymedicinepartnerships.com/a/training-programs/advanced-programs.html Advanced Programs | Energy Medicine Partnerships -   The Advanced Programs expand upon the TYLEM base and explore the interconnections between psychotherapy, energy medicine, and indigenous healing practices.
  • http://www.energymedicinepartnerships.com/a/events.html Energy Medicine Training Events | Energy Medicine Partnerships - Contact Energy Medicine Partnerships to learn more about our training events. Browse thru our events page to find a date that works for you!
  • http://www.energymedicinepartnerships.com/a/tours.html Tours | Energy Medicine Partnerships - Experiencing Relationships Between Culture, Health, Healing, Land, Environment, & Animals   What you can expect from an EMP Spiritual Tour: Develop advanced healing skills and practices Heal people, land, and animals Enhance spiritual awareness as
  • http://www.energymedicinepartnerships.com/a/news.html News | Energy Medicine Partnerships - Energy Medicine Partnerships Tours    Sacred Peru October 2016 Spiritual Journeys in Awakening and Healing (Lima, Macchu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Cuzco) In this spiritual tour participants will journey to sacred sites, walk the land for spiritual
  • http://www.energymedicinepartnerships.com/a/partners.html Partners | Energy Medicine Partnerships - The Triangle Holistic Center is the headquarters for Dr. Bulbrook's Energy Medicine Training.  It offers a comfortable setting to relax, grow, heal and change.   Centrally located, it is convenient to the airport, Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill.
  • http://www.energymedicinepartnerships.com/a/about-emp.html Energy Healing Techniques & Philosophy | Energy Medicine Partnerships - Energy Medicine Partnerships offers energy healing techniques and much more! For more information visit our site by clicking here.
  • http://www.energymedicinepartnerships.com/a/partners/35-triangle-holistic-center.html Triangle Holistic Center | Energy Medicine Partnerships -   The Triangle Holistic Center offers a comfortable setting to relax, grow, heal and change.   Centrally located it is convenient to experience  balancing nature, healing sounds of falling water, in a home-like tranquil setting. The Center offers
  • http://www.energymedicinepartnerships.com/a/events-simple/details/508-Indigenous%20Healers.html Events - Bob Randall - Celebration of His Life & Teachings | Energy Medicine Partnerships - The event titled Bob Randall - Celebration of His Life & Teachings starts on Oct 30, 16!
  • http://www.energymedicinepartnerships.com/a/events-simple/details/486-Mentorship.html Events - Study, Healing, Support & Mentorship Group In Person & On-Line | Energy Medicine Partnerships - The event titled Study, Healing, Support & Mentorship Group In Person & On-Line starts on Nov 16, 16!

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  • Febronia - I love this thing

    I should have purchased this years ago. Such a small cost to upgrade the speed of your computer SO much. It took about 2 1/2 minutes before for everything to completely load on my old setup, now it takes 20 seconds max. That includes loading all peripherals and background programs. I love this thing, I will soon replace all my old drives with SSDs.

  • om mamma - ... supplement in conjunction with Vitamonk's Uridine capsules for the greatest effect and so far I have been handling it ...

    I've been taking this supplement in conjunction with Vitamonk's Uridine capsules for the greatest effect and so far I have been handling it well. I love that this company is so on the cutting edge of nutritional science! We are just starting to learn how much more is possible in the field of neuroplasticity than we ever dreamed before and it is exciting to see new therapies being developed all the time. I really do hope that supplements like this one are able to help me and others maintain and protect our mental capacities well into the future. These capsules are simple to swallow and the quality seems excellent to me, I would definitely consider buying supplements from this brand again.

  • S. Metzger - Quicken 2015 For Dummies?

    I am not much on reviews but I felt I had to address stephen nelson's of his book "quicken 2015 for DUMMIES" I have been an avid user of Quicken for longer then I remember. Unfortunately I stopped the upgrades. I decided to start using quicken and so my daughter bought me the latest version for my mac. We installed it and transferred my data. I have looked high and low for books that I thought would help me. Looking over the program I soon felt like a dummy so I got out my quicken 2015 for dummies. I soon realized that stephen nelson was the bigger dummy than I was. I was the dummy for buying his book! Why do I speak about the book the way I do? I thought he was going to explain and walk me through the program as if I didn't have a clue about what he was talking about. For starters he uses pictures in the book. I said great. I started looking at the images and the author must wear glasses with coke sized lenses. I don't have a magnifying glass to help me. I wear glasses which don't help either. His images do not look like my images so I think he sold me a new book but the information in the book is from a previous program.

  • uhmuh - I like the smell and the way it feels but did ...

    I bought this based on the review. I'm almost done with the bottle and I used it everyday but it didn't make much difference. I can still see sun damage by the eyes and it didn't make it look lighter at all. I like the smell and the way it feels but did not do what it was suppose to do. I really thought it would work bec it was so exp and kept on trying it thinking it would work later. Wish I returned it earlier.