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  • Jennifer D. Kittrell - Great cleanse, exceptionally informative, well-rounded concept but EXTREMELY expensive for the average bear.

    This is an exceptionally comprehensive detox. I learned a tremendous amount about the food I eat and how it affects me physically. I loved that it included chapters on mental and spiritual cleansing as well as physical. I enjoyed several of the recipes and still use them even though I won't do this diet again (unless I find a sugar daddy--pardon the use of "sugar." lol). My one suggestion to the publisher would be that they include a workbook along with the book itself. It was tiresome flipping back and forth from shopping lists and recipes to the daily "pep talk" and journal questions. That said, (and this is where I wholeheartedly agree with other reviewers) this is a VERY EXPENSIVE and TIME CONSUMING process. I know Dr. Hyman suggests that the trade off in healthy food pays for itself but I'm afraid not everyone can afford it even after factoring that in. [I could only buy a quarter of the supplements and that was my entire food budget for a month.] I live alone and took some time off to do this cleanse and ALL I did was cook and clean up afterwards. [Thank goodness for the detox soak--my favorite part.] Also, be aware that when you sign up for "support" you will be inundated with e-mails that want you to buy more stuff. [Ugh.] One final note: if you decide to do this, DO follow his advice on prep, particularly about weening off certain chemicals. You will go through a lot of changes and you'll survive it much better if you don't feel it all at once. :) OK. One more thing: Even though most of his suggestions are financially unsustainable for a person like me, the gradual difference I'm making in what goes in my pantry (and my body) and the information was worth the price of the book--ultimately.

  • apfb - Addictive, superfun game can teach rudimentary guitar skills but works best as a practice game

    As a fortysomething, I rarely play video games. This is my first ever video game purchase for myself, and I now understand why it's a huge industry. The game is fun, educational, and addictive.

  • Derwyn Key - Good for the price

    Only have been using them for a few days but I am happy with them. Be sure to read the instructions for then. There were preparing them for use and care instructions that you might not already be aware of.

  • Tabitha - Horrific Antivirus

    ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC. DO NOT INSTALL THIS PRODUCT. My friend had me download it out of kindness but I had started noticing that it wasn't picking up or cleaning anything after a while. When I tired to uninstall it, it never went away. Just when I thought I did, it started acting like a VIRUS. when I switched to Avast, it scanned and found tons of viruses and updates my computer really needed. After I tried to update it, it was prevented by this product that still stayed. After I tried to factory reset my laptop, my computer pretty much refused and now it's like it's protecting itself from being cleaned out by any means. It will no let me in certain areas of my computer, it will not let me connect to any form of internet, and it had been rendered completely useless. It even deleted my Avast from my computer with out me doing anything. Now thanks to this, I have no computer and I have to save up to buy a new one. DO NOT GET THIS PRODUCT. SAVE THE MONEY, GET AVAST OR NORTON

  • Concerned Parent - Save your Money

    The Total Transformation does not work. When I was working with their customer service team I found them very abrasive and rude. I would save your money and explore help with a counselor or other professional. This program does not provide what they are trying to sell. However they are really great marketers! Think Time Share Salesmen!

  • walksndark - Not much for the money.

    Not much the money. You may want to either invest in a real Skylight from a Window manufacturer, or get one of the cheaper brands (ex "Velux" costs less than half the price). The materials seem laughably cheap, maybe $50 worth of parts (other than the "Dome" which is rock solid) - certainly feels a rip-off when they are trying to charge $350. Lots of flimsy plastic parts which look really tacky on the interior side, and the tubes are weak thin sheet metal (any thinner and it might be tinfoil). The only good thing about this brand, is the patented light collection dome - which "concentrates" the light. OK, but not something I am sure would buy again.