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Epigenetics & Chromatin | Home page - <p><i>Epigenetics &amp; Chromatin</i> welcomes high-quality articles providing novel insights into epigenetic inheritance and chromatin-based interactions. The journal aims to understand how gene and chromosomal elements are regulated and their activities maintained during processes such as cell division, differentiation and environmental alteration.</p>

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  • Amazon Customer - Not bad but needs to tighten its focus

    It was a good book that could have been much, much better. The story starts out strong. An alien spacecraft has been discovered adrift in the asteroid belt in the 60s. It isn't until recently that NASA possesses the technology to attempt a first contact. The belief (hope) is that there will be someone left to communicate with, although how do you communicate with a species with which you share no common language? Enter Dr. Jane Holloway who is an expert in monolingual field situations. If the team couldn't find anyone for her to talk to, she could at least decipher their language. So while I was expecting the difficulties, dangers, and amusements associated with this type of situation (albeit with a scientific twist). I was hoping for the physiological trauma and/or paranoia being isolated for months on end and exploring a ghost ship. While there were some hints of the aforementioned, what I really got was preadolescence sex fantasies. The preoccupation with human coupling did nothing to advance the story, didn't really add anything, and were very distracting. A little bit more effort could have been spent zipping up a few people's flight suit and getting the sciences right.

  • Benn - Bissel Steam and Sweep

    The GREATEST thing invented by mankind!!!!! Stay at home dad with a 4month old, 2 yr old, 10, and 13 year old. 1200 sq. ft. of light engineered wood flooring in kitchen, half bath, family room, dining area, and hall that connects front door and door to garage. Thats what I'm cleaning and the previous was my Mess. Ignore all the bad reviews, unless you are cleaning up after a 1,000 kids on a daily bases, have a heard of animals, or have never cleaned you house in the 20 years you have owned it, if any of that applies to you "DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT IT IS NOT INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH!!!!" But if you are a normal clean person that cleans every couple days it is flipping awesome!!! negatives to this machine are 1. that it does have a two inch bumper on the front called a sweeper, so you have to use your brain and run parallel to the wall to get close to the baseboard. 2. no suck to the sweeper it is only a rotating brush, only picks up the big stuff. 3. Takes some strength to use, its a workout because there aren't any wheels. Positives 1. took me 5 minutes to do my floor and it looks AWESOME!!!! pizza sauce=no problem pad absorbed it and came clean in the washing machine. 2. Dried on GOO was not even a challenge, two passes and it disappeared.......I replaced my Hoover floormate with this and it is night and day, nobody likes to clean and gadgets never work very well. Like I said previously if you are a dirty nasty slob this won't work, but nothing will. I LOVE this machine, makes my wife happy to come home to a clean floor. Thanx Bissel

  • The Opinionated Woman - Amaryllis T - Love this stuff

    I bought this from Bath&Body years ago. When I ran out, I did not buy it again because of the high price tag. I thought I could achieve the same results with less expensive products.

  • Roxie Lang - Always nice to have this product stocked up in my pantry ...

    Always nice to have this product stocked up in my pantry for different events that we have as a family.. I would definitely recommend buying these plates !

  • Michael Dulle - Perfect!

    A terrific adapter that makes up for something that should have been built into the monitors. The monitor still wobbles some but it doesn't seem to be any more or less wobbly then when you use the stand that comes with the monitor.