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Welcome to E.S.PKU - E.S.PKU is the umbrella organization for European Phenylketonuria organizations and hosts an annual conference in a member country.

  • http://www.espku.org/2016/10/17/situation-refugee-rare-metabolic-disorder-patients/ Situation of refugee rare metabolic disorder patients - E.S.PKU - E.S.PKU on rare metabolic disorder patients in refugee camps. It's time to take notice and act!
  • http://www.espku.org/2016/06/28/the-forgotten-children-untreated-pku/ The forgotten Childen - Untreated PKU - A touching documentary about untreated PKU calls attention to the fate of late diagnosed and untreated patients.
  • http://www.espku.org/2016/06/21/guthriememorialdinner-june-28th-pkuday/ #GuthrieMemorialDinner - June 28th - PKUDay - E.S.PKU - #GuthrieMemorialDinner happening on June 28th, International PKUDay. Learn more about this event an the special day for PKUs around the globe.
  • http://www.espku.org/2016/05/10/pku-day-website-launched/ PKU Day Website launched - E.S.PKU - The International PKU Day Website has just been launched and will feature everything connected to PKU Day, June 28th.
  • http://www.espku.org/2016/03/22/call-for-papers/ Call for Papers - E.S.PKU - E.S.PKU announces the call for papres for the 2016 conference in Dublin, Ireland. Submit your abstracts before September 15th.
  • http://www.espku.org/news/ News - E.S.PKU - Get the latest news from E.S.PKU. Learn more about projects, conferences and other devlopements.
  • http://www.espku.org/conferences/e-s-pku-conference-2016/ E.S.PKU Conference 2016 - Dublin, Ireland - Learn more about the E.S.PKU conference 2016 held in Dublin, Ireland - November 3rd until November 6th
  • http://www.espku.org/conferences/e-s-pku-conference-2016/maps-and-directions/ Maps and Directions - E.S.PKU - Get maps and directions to the venue of the E.S.PKU conference 2016. Plan your route in advance so you don't get lost while travelling.
  • http://www.espku.org/conferences/ E.S.PKU Conference - Learn more about the annual E.S.PKU conference taking place in one of our member organizations countries.
  • http://www.espku.org/who-we-are/ Who We Are? - E.S.PKU - Lean more about the European Society for Phenylketonuria and Allied Disorders Treated as Phenylketonuria (or E.S.PKU)
  • http://www.espku.org/who-we-are/advocacy-toolkit/ Advocacy Toolkit - E.S.PKU - Advocacy Toolkit provided by E.S.PKU to it's member organizations to support raising awareness for PKU
  • http://www.espku.org/who-we-are/benchmark-report/ Benchmark Report - E.S.PKU - The E.S.PKU has released a benchmark report to hightlight the differences in treatment between european countries. Download the report.
  • http://www.espku.org/who-we-are/consensus-paper/ Consensus Paper - E.S.PKU - The consensus paper was written by member countries of E.S.PKU and highlights the demand for a more unified approach in PKU treatment in Europe.
  • http://www.espku.org/who-we-are/european-guidelines/ European Guidelines - E.S.PKU - The European Guidelines is written by european specialists in the field of PKU and provide treatment strategies on an european level.
  • http://www.espku.org/who-we-are/e-s-pku-travel-passport/ E.S.PKU Travel Passport - E.S.PKU - The E.S.PKU Travel Passport provides the possibility for PKU patients to travel more easiliy with PKU.
  • http://www.espku.org/who-we-are/videos/ Official E.S.PKU Videos - View all videos officially published by the E.S.PKU. Experience past conferences and news on our latest projects.
  • http://www.espku.org/2016/01/25/european-phenylketonuria-pku-guidelines/ European Phenylketonuria - PKU Guidelines - E.S.PKU - Learn more about the current developement on the first European PKU Guidelines
  • http://www.espku.org/2015/10/27/e-s-pku-pkuboard-pku-travel-network/ E.S.PKU & PKUBoard present: PKU Travel Network - E.S.PKU - E.S.PKU & PKUBoard are proud to present the international travel network allowing PKUs to enjoy an easy travelling experience.

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    The best I have read in a long time. It could have been shorter but I enjoyed the mystery of it. The characters are believable and imaginative. I will recommend this book to my daughter.

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