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  • Valerie Lynn - Focused on New Writing Talent

    For over a decade I'd been loyal to "The Best of... " series, but for several recent years I was repeatedly disappointed by the selections. Well known, well read writers took over a popular collection that filled a specific genre niche. It served as a showcase of new writers who had mastered the confining perameters of the short story form. Then it shifted its focus to published writers who needed no introduction.

  • Allison - Works for PS4 in Europe

    I actually got this for a friend in Europe, because the games are so much more expensive. They were very pleased to see that it works for the PS4 here, but significantly cheaper. Hope this helps someone else.

  • Michele M. Klein - Wish we could find large print easy direction games for him

    Hubby said it is ok. A little confusing for our step-brother who is slightly mentally handicapped for learning

  • HotWheels - Fresh, clean Lavender oil

    We love the Lavender fragrance. It is a great fragrance for calm. We also use for the drain in bathrooms to help with odors. This oil works fabulous with the diffuser also. Just a couple of drops go along way with this. Reminds me of the high end spas that I can not afford to go to. Actually we would not waste money, when I can do myself. Fresh, clean aroma, not really floral which is fine by us. 1 ounce size bottle. Use for therapeutic, massage however dilute with carrier oil first before applying to skin. We were lucky to get this at a reduced rate in exchange for an unbiased review.

  • Kelly Burns - Not as described.

    I'm not happy. The description listed canisters not packets (canisters allow a few days more product). It also listed passion drink not thermoburn tablets. I feel swindled.

  • baseballmom - Excellent!

    Another prequel to My Sisters Grave. Robert Dugoni has proven himself to be an outstanding writer and I am about to jump right in to the first book!


    TERRIBLE PRODUCT. TERRIBLE COMPANY. I tried the 30 day cleanse, broke out in hives and was advised by a doctor to stop using this product. I did and the hives immediately cleared up. The company then REFUSED to refund me anything for the product I had purchased, both the used and unused portions. If you're thinking of trying this product, DON'T, based on my research -- Simply limit your calories and exercise. All this product does is force you to lower caloric intake (which will cause weight loss in anyone). Plus it is all synthetic vitamins that have not been approved by the FCC -- I did all of the research AFTER the hives came, since I've never had them before.