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  • Kassie - I would not recommend this product

    I ordered this product and whenever I removed it from the packaging I realized it did not contain July at all. My planner skips from June 26th to August 1st. I would not recommend this product. Also, I was disappointed that there was no monthly calendar.

  • Zakko's Mom - Even works on brittle, thin, peeling nails!

    I have always had horrible nails. They would break and peel if you looked at them cross-eyed. This works great for me! It straightens the ragged ends without grinding away my whole nail. I even use it on my son's nails which grow like he soaks them in fertilizer.

  • Carol - Excellent pain relief

    These patches are great! I have minor low back pain and trochanteric bursitis and these really relieve the pain. They adhere well but are also easily removed. I really recommend them for aches and pains. Can be applied anywhere.

  • Shannon C. - Completely satisfied

    I've been purchasing this book to help with tax preparation for myself and a few familiy members after I retired from the tax profession six years ago. Thus far I've never been stumped on a tax question. It's a great book for individual tax preparation. For any more complex matters, the book gives the necessary references.

  • Mama Cass Elliot - Don't put this stuff on your beautiful floors

    The installer of our solid oak hardwood floors recommended this product and we have used it faithfully for 30 years! The finish was semi-gloss but the floors always looked dull and scummy and dirty no matter what. We cleaned them at least weekly. Finally, after all these years we stopped using Bona or any other cleaner and simply cleaned with a steam-mop. You have to move quickly and don't let the floor get wet but it does a fabulous cleaning job. We get tons of dirt on the microfiber cloth on the stem-mop AND the floors are actually clean and shining! We finally see the gloss that should have been there all along. I agree with other reviewers who have said DO NOT put this dull gunky stuff on your beautiful floor. All you need is a steam-mop or vinegar water.


    Zanfel works. But you don't need to spend $40 for a 1oz tube. For the love of god, the EXACT same stuff is in Mean Green Hand Scrub and it'll cost you $20 for 60oz. Yes, you read that right. The guy who "invented" Zanfel used to work at the company that makes Mean Green. He simply realized that it worked on skin rashes like poison ivy and started his own company and now sells the EXACT same stuff for a huge markup to drugstores. I certainly don't begrudge him for his marketing savvy, but you don't have to pay through the nose for something that works. Mean Green (and Zanfel) are simply really good exfoliating soaps. They work on a simple principle: remove the oils that are generating the rash. Mean Green is just sold to car mechanics and other industrial workplaces that need a cleanser for greases and oils. The genius of Zanfel is that it's marketed to drugstores for a totally different use.

  • Angel Eyes 24 - Great items, can get them cheaper at Costco

    Fekkai is great!! I actually started buying the shampoo/conditioner/glossing cream at Costco. Then they stopped selling it for a while, which is why I turned to Amazon. As with anything at Costco, you get a better value because you are buying in bulk. Check to see if Costco is selling this first, then turn to Amazon. This shampoo/conditioner smells wonderful and the glossing cream is so great for your hair. I have really long hair, so i rub a quarter size in my palms then apply to the ends first and work my way up the shaft of my hair. This starter set is nice because it gives you really good tips on how to wash and condition your hair.