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Law Firm for Individuals, Families & Businesses: Farrell & Patel - Our attorneys created the law firm to help innocent personal injury and wrongful death victims get justice from their offices in Miami, Tampa & Houston.

  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/attorneys.php Meet Our Lawyers in Miami, Tampa & Houston - To reach one of our lawyers, please contact us for a free consultation at (305) 300-3000. We have offices in Miami, Tampa and Houston.
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/attorneys/farrell Meet Attorney Wesley J. Farrell - The founder of the firm, attorney Wesley Farrell focuses his practice on birth injury, product liability, business representation and class action lawsuits.
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/attorneys/patel Meet Attorney Ricky K. Patel: Medical Malpractice & more - He focuses his practice on helping children & families hurt by medical malpractice, in particular cerebral palsy and babies harmed by pharmaceutical drugs.
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/firm-news Law Firm News for Farrell & Patel, Attorneys at Law - Law Firm News for Farrell & Patel, Attorneys at Law with offices in Tampa & Miami, Florida and Houston, Texas
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/meet-attorneys/successful-case-results Business Attorneys with Successful Results - Here are some of our business attorneys' successful recoveries, including for BP oil spill.
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/meet-attorneys/testimonials Testimonials for Our Miami and Tampa Attorneys - See praise from satisfied clients for our Miami & Tampa attorneys. We are efficient, tenacious and effective. We help families & businesses.
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/birth-injury Cerebral Palsy Investigated by Birth Injury Lawyers - Free consultation w/ birth injury attorneys to discuss cerebral palsy, hypoxia, brachial plexus, medical malpractice, brain injury, spinal cord injury, etc.
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/cerebral-palsy.php Causes of Cerebral Palsy Include Medical Malpractice - Medical mistakes during birth are direct causes of cerebral palsy. Get a free consultation with birth injury lawyers to discuss your baby's injuries.
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/birth-injury/medication-injury Birth Injury Lawyers Investigate Prescription Drug Injuries - See a list of prescription medications that are alleged to cause birth injuries, provided by birth injury lawyers. Free consult if you took these drugs.
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/birth-injury/medication-injuries-children/can-zofran-cause-a-birth-defect-or-birth-injury Can Zofran Cause a Birth Defect or Birth Injury? - As incidents of birth injuries and birth defects related to Zofran have mounted, so have lawsuits against the drug’s maker GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/birth-injury/brain-injury-lack-oxygen Brain Injury During Birth from Lack of Oxygen, Hypoxia - Depending on severity & length of the lack of oxygen, a newborn could have cerebral palsy, brain damage or even worse. Free consult w/ birth injury lawyers.
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/birth-injury/faq Medical Malpractice or Birth Injury Questions? - Birth injury lawyers in Miami, Tampa & Houston answer questions about medical malpractice and birth injuries, such as cerebral palsy or hypoxia. No charge.
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/class-action-mdl Class Action Lawsuits for Complex Litigation and Mass Torts - What are differences b/w Class Action Lawsuits and Multidistrict Litigation (MDL)? Answered by attorneys involved in BP oil spill litigation. Free consults.
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/class-action-mdl/defective-commercial-products Personal Injury Lawyers Explain Product Liability Lawsuits - When can you file a product liability lawsuit? Who is responsible? Our personal injury lawyers offer a free consult to answer these questions for you.
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/class-action-mdl/defective-medical-devices Hurt by a Defective Medical Device? - Did you know the FDA recalls 50 defective medical devices each year on average? Our personal injury lawyers offer a free consult to discuss your injuries.
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/class-action-mdl/pharmaceutical-litigation Defective Drug Attorneys for Pharmaceutical Litigation - Our attorneys spend a lot of time & energy helping local hospitals and helping adults & children injured by medical malpractice or defective drugs.
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/bp-settlement.php BP Oil Spill Claims from Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Accident - Our attorneys represented 3,500+ businesses harmed by BP and became one of the top firms for BP oil spill claims. Law offices in Miami, Tampa & Houston.
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/bp-settlement/appeals How to Appeal Your BP Oil Spill Claim - Our law firm filed over 3,000 claims after the BP oil spill on the Deepwater Horizon rig. If BP refuses to treat your claim with respect, call our lawyers.
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/insurance-property-notices Insurance Lawyers Resolve Insurance Claim Disputes - Our insurance lawyers offer a free consult to discuss insurance claim disputes & denials, as well as give advice about how to make the insurance company pay
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/business-representation Business Attorneys for Disputes and Business Litigation - Business attorneys help w/disputes within the company & litigation from conflicts with other businesses or clients. Law offices in Miami, Tampa and Houston.
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/business-representation/business-disputes Business Attorneys Help w/ Business Litigation & Disputes - Common disputes include creditor claims, breach of contract, real estate conflicts, employment law & more. Let our business litigation lawyers work for you.
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/practice-areas-civil-commercial.php Business Attorneys for Commercial Litigation - Our commercial litigation lawyers help you file a lawsuit, as well as defend against one, whether you want to go to court or you want a quick resolution.
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/practice-areas-asset-protection.php Florida Asset Protection Attorneys: Secure Your Property - Asset protection is for people with something to protect, not just the wealthy. Protect against lawsuits, high taxes and seizure. Talk to our attorneys now.
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/practice-areas-asset-protection/tax-law Asset Protection Lawyers Offer Solutions for Tax Minimization - Our asset protection attorneys provide valuable legal advice to help you preserve your wealth & protect your estate from high taxes within federal tax laws.
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/practice-areas-asset-protection/estate-planning Miami Estate Planning Attorneys Discuss Asset Protection - Protect your assets from seizure via creditors, high taxes, litigation, divorce or government. Let our estate planning attorneys help you in Miami & Tampa.
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/practice-areas-immigration.php Bilingual Immigration Lawyers Help Families Miami, Tampa - Florida immigration lawyer Mark Weiner handled over 3,000 citizenship interviews & more than 6,000 status adjustment interviews. Free, confidential consult.
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/personal-injury Personal Injury from Negligence or Medical Malpractice? - Our firm mainly focuses on children who suffer from doctor negligence or medical malpractice. Free consultation for personal injury cases. Call a lawyer now
  • http://www.farrellpatel.com/giving-back.php Giving Back: Our Lawyers Build Relationships & Community - In the past year, our lawyers have donated nearly $200,000 to charitable organizations, including the Miami Children's Hospital & Habitat for Humanity.

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    I just purchased MS Office 365 via Amazon download, installed the software and attempted to authenticate. When I entered the product key I got a message that the key was invalid. I called Microsoft and after working through a telephone tree and being transferred a couple of times experienced the "pleasure" of being told that I would have to call Amazon to get a valid key. I explained that I didn't have a telephone number for Amazon, so the contact gave me one. I called that number and got a recording that the number no longer worked, but that I could go online to amazon.com/contacts and receive service there. After going through a number of worthless screens, I opened the "contact us" link, explained my issue, was transferred a couple of times and then had the frustrating experience of speaking with Mary in Amazon Game and Software who was very insistent that I needed to call Microsoft and get a case number in order for them to do anything. I tried explaining to Mary that Microsoft had specifically told me that only Amazon could issue a valid product key since the product had been purchased from them. Mary adamantly refused to listen to reason, nor would she let me finish a sentence without interrupting me. Ultimately I got a more direct number to Microsoft from Mary, worked my way through a telephone tree and spoke with a helpful gentleman at Microsoft who explained that the product key Amazon had given me in my order was unnecessary and that all I needed was to sign in on my Microsoft account. The first few initial attempts resulted in messages that the MS server wasn't working, but I ultimately was able to sign in an make my software work. I've been a Microsoft office user for many years. I appreciate the features of Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. I have also been a VERY faithful Amazon customer and have maintained a Prime membership since they first became available. Amazon has always given me good service and on the few occasions in which I have had problems have resolved the issues very effectively. I deeply hope that Mary is not the wave of future Amazon service because if she is I will shop elsewhere.