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Faces and Voices of Recovery - South Africa - FAVOR SA works to celebrate the achievements of people in recovery from addiction, in order to: Encourage others to follow their example; End discrimination against people in recovery; Gain support from public health authorities for better treatment programmes.

  • http://www.favor.org.za/funding.php About FAVOR - Funding - FACES AND VOICES OF RECOVERY S.A. relies entirely on donor funding and the fundraising efforts of its fellowship of members. If you wish to help, anonymously or otherwise, please Join Us today! FAVOR SA has been recognised as a Public Benefit Organisation and is therefore tax-exempted. Donations to the organisation will be tax deductible in the hands of the donors.

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  • Mindfulness Matters - Great for Adult Acne

    After having kids, I thought my acne days were over. This vitamin has helped tremendously with my skin issues and nutrition needs. I saw results in about a week of use, and a dramatic reduction of new breakouts (cystic and minor blemishes)in two weeks.

  • Yoda - Little or no value for those who do not need to work via "the cloud"

    Microsoft Office 2013 differs from the previous version of Office, basically, in one very significant way. That is it permits the user to work with "the cloud". Documents can be placed in the cloud and then worked with from computers that also have Office. Hence no need, like in the old days, of having to carry around hard disks, CDs, etc. with one's working files between client locations or from home to office. Of course, the use of the cloud does entail some risks as data stored there is not as secure as on one's external hard disk or cds (assuming there is not a possibilty that the hard disk or cds can be stolen).