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Fédération Addiction, prévenir, réduire les risques, soigner - Issue de la fusion de l’Anitea (Association Nationale des Intervenants en Toxicomanie et Addictologie) et de la F3A (Fédération des Acteurs de l’Alcoologie et de l’Addictologie), la La Fédération Addiction s’est donné pour but de constituer un réseau au service des professionnels accompagnant les usagers dans une approche médico-psycho-sociale et transdisciplinaire des addictions.

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  • Mrs S - Boots and Mark's Story

    Katie Delahanty is a new to me author. Believe is the 3rd book in the The Brightside series and is the story of Amanda, aka Boots, and Mark, the bass player for the band Brightside. Boots is promising surgeon ready to start her residency and Mark, tired of the big stage, has form a new band and is taking to the road for smaller venues.

  • Mellist - Masks foul orders, not chemically

    This product was first brought in for our office bathroom that is one toilet and sink shared by 2 men and 4 women. I was a little skeptical because I was not sure it would remove odors for such a small space and many times these "fragrances" have a very unnatural and chemically smell to them. This product does not. and you really only need a spray or two to make it work.

  • Amazon Customer - This album surpasses FNL somehow. This is an unbelievable ...

    This album surpasses FNL somehow. This is an unbelievable total music performance and this album is here to stay - classic. He is by far the most impressive and invested live lyrical performer I've seen since Eminem in is prime.

  • Eric H. - Best thing you can do for your grass

    I LOVE MILORGANITE! I've been using it on my yard since I bought my house 2 years ago. My grass is a much deeper green than both of my neighbors, even throughout the winter months. My lawn handled last years drought much better than either neighbor, as well. I even use this as a 'starter' fertilizer when seeding new areas and it works great. My flowers love it, too.

  • J. Blair - Fast growing pet-damage repair.

    I have 2 dogs who ruin the grass with pet urine. After fixing the pH of the affected spots, we seeded with a Scotts seed which did nothing, then seeded again a month later with this Black Beauty Ultra seed mix. Within a few days there were sprouts, and after 3 weeks the 14" diameter dead patches are almost entirely filled in.

  • Amateur Geek - Great

    I got this because the add on's appeared to make it a value. And I like Chrome. We travel a fair bit and most of our travel needs can be handled by this machine. When I got it, I found it was like other reviewers had mentioned. Up and running in less than 2 minutes with a 75% charge even though they say its not charged.I was disappointed when I could not get Amazon Prime unlimited videos on it, then with a little searching it appeared to be an Amazon issue, not Chrome. Today it is fixed for me and everything works. If you use Gogo inflight and google drive, then the price to you will be about $20 to buy this device. I just got back from a trip to DC and the 1 segment price for gogo at a value price was $10 for 3 hours. I was on my 11" mac air. This device appears to come with 12 GoGo passes to be used before 2015 (12 x $10=$120). It also comes with 100 gb of Google drive. Google drive is $5 a month for 100 GB of storage. So if you put the 12 GoGo passes ($120) and two years of google drive 100 gb a month ($120) that makes this machine cost $20. You can do the math for yourself if you do not think you will use either google drive or gogo. After using my mac air for 2.5 hours, and now using this machine to write this review, the feel is similar. I like it. YMMV.