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  • N.R. - What a deal

    I was so happy to receive these, since the one that came with my checkbook ran out of space. These days you need additional room for all the electronic purchases and other stuff we all seem to do. I read in one review, that the lines in these registers are a bit small, they are not as wide as what I have had in the past, but nothing to complain about, unless you are a complainer! Anyway, you cannot go wrong with this pack of three, convenient, very cheap and saved me a trip to my bank, thus saving me a few extra moments to write this review!

  • Karen - Great book, but not completely accurate

    I like this book a lot. I have recommended it to others who have yeast problems. The reason is this. I have been living with a yeast problem for 35 years. I believe that the authors are 100% accurate about what foods to eat, and what foods to avoid. It was from book that I learned about raw cultured vegetables and Stevia many years ago. They also give other tips that one with this condition often over looks, such as the importance of not eating until you are full and telling you to eat kefir instead of yogurt and why it is better for you. HOWEVER, the rest of the information is just esoteric, non-proven theories (all of which I have tried over the years) that will just make your life (and diet) more complicated and stressful. They will NOT improve your health. I am talking about theories like, balancing your foods according to yin and yang - expansive and contractive (which I did for several years while I was on the macrobiotic diet), and food combining such as only eating certain foods with certain foods (which I did for an entire year when I ate only raw foods). Also, ignore the chapter on eating for your blood type. This theory is bulls*** and many doctors - both holistic and traditional - have written about that fact. Our blood type has absolutely nothing to do with how we digest our food. I also have a problem with the authors desire to sell us her products. Especially her green powder which actually made me feel worse.

  • Salahan - Grateful for the recomendation

    After taking a series of very strong antibiotics for over a month my womanly parts were not so happy. I was constantly treating yeast infections which when treated would trigger bacterial infections which when treated would trigger a yeast infection... and the cycle went on and on for over a year. I finally broke down to my gynecologist and she recommended that I try this product. I started using it over a year ago and I have not had symptoms of any kind of infection since I began the regimen. I have noticed other benefits as well toward my womanly health.

  • B. Smiley - Felt like it wore off about a half hour on fresh ...

    Worked well on my tattoos, but wasn't as moisturizing as I had hoped. Felt like it wore off about a half hour on fresh tattoos. Might be much better for the 3-4 days after. I wanted to use this for sleeping so I wouldn't have aquaphor all over my sheets if possible.

  • weekend rider - Well worth having

    A little more sophisticated than the previous version I had. Not surprising, since that one is more than ten years old.