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Fios Genomics - Fios Genomics - Offering clients a range of analysis services for data derived from microarrays and other omics platforms, based around our core capabilities and know-how in linking statistical inference methodologies with bioinformatics based explorative and predictive analyses.

  • https://www.fiosgenomics.com/company/overview/ Overview | Fios Genomics - Fios Genomics provides Proteomics, Metabolomics, Microarray & NGS Design, Analysis & Interpretation
  • https://www.fiosgenomics.com/company/the-fios-difference/ The Fios Difference | Fios Genomics - Fios Genomics don't just generate and deliver more data in the form of a list of genes. We promise to deliver information to our clients following an analysis project.
  • https://www.fiosgenomics.com/company/our-clients/ Our Clients | Fios Genomics - Fios Genomics has a large client base in all life science sectors including drug development, diagnostics and agriculture in both the academic and commerical arenas. We have worked, or are currently discussing projects with, 10 of the top 12 pharma companies worldwide.
  • https://www.fiosgenomics.com/company/investor-relations/ Investor Relations | Fios Genomics - In June 2011, Fios Genomics completed a £500,000 investment from a syndicate led by Archangel Informal Investments that included Tweed Renaissance Investors Capital, the Scottish Co-Investment Fund and Company Directors.
  • https://www.fiosgenomics.com/services/microarray-analysis-services/ Microarray Analysis Services | Fios Genomics - Fios Genomics offers a wide range of bespoke data analysis solutions for a variety of microarray application areas.
  • https://www.fiosgenomics.com/services/next-generation-sequencing/ Next Generation Sequencing | Fios Genomics - Fios Genomics offers a comprehensive range of services for the analysis of data from the latest Next Generation Sequencing technologies.
  • https://www.fiosgenomics.com/services/agricultural-genomics/ Agricultural Genomics | Fios Genomics - At Fios Genomics we offer a range of services specifically tailored to agronomic data from the custom design and annotation of new microarrays, exploration of gene expression profiles (microarray or next-generation sequence based), and/or linkage/association analysis of a trait within a population.
  • https://www.fiosgenomics.com/services/proteomics-and-metabolomics/ Proteomics and Metabolomics | Fios Genomics - Fios Genomics offers a wide range of bioinformatics services for the analysis of data generated by state-of-the art proteomics technologies, such as Shotgun LC-MS/MS, SELDI-TOF MS and MALDI-TOF MS and protein arrays.
  • https://www.fiosgenomics.com/services/increase-your-analysis-capacity/ Increase your Analysis Capacity | Fios Genomics - Fios Genomics are delighted to announce the launch of FTEzy - a low cost solution to increase your bioinformatics capacity.
  • https://www.fiosgenomics.com/services/technology-selection-and-experimental-design/ Technology Selection and Experimental Design | Fios Genomics - Fios Genomics is able to assist in the selection of the correct technology and platform to help answer your research question.
  • https://www.fiosgenomics.com/services/bioinformatics-consultancy/ Bioinformatics Consultancy | Fios Genomics - At Fios Genomics we offer a consultancy service to ensure you achieve the maximum insight from your experiment. Our team of bioinformaticians, statisticians & biologists can work with you at every stage of your study, using our extensive expertise & knowledge to advise how best to achieve your goals
  • https://www.fiosgenomics.com/applications/pre-clinical-development/ Pre-clinical Development | Fios Genomics - Using microarray technology & robust analysis techniques, genomic changes associated with toxicology and/or off target effects can be easily identified in your pre-clinical studies. Such changes can be detected ahead of observed phenotypic changes, allowing faster decision making & reduced costs.
  • https://www.fiosgenomics.com/applications/clinical-development/ Clinical Development | Fios Genomics - Fios Genomics offers a comprehensive analysis approach for augmenting clinical trial outcomes, ensuring you get the most information for your investment.
  • https://www.fiosgenomics.com/applications/drug-repurposing/ Drug Repurposing | Fios Genomics - By utilising our proprietary approaches to genome-wide analysis in terms of parallelisation, automation, data mining and pathway mapping, Fios Genomics are well placed to assist in your drug repurposing strategies.
  • https://www.fiosgenomics.com/applications/biomarker-analysis/ Biomarker Analysis | Fios Genomics - Fios Genomics employs a number of data analysis approaches for the discovery, characterisation and validation of genomic (RNA and DNA) and proteomic biomarkers.
  • https://www.fiosgenomics.com/applications/agricultural-genomics/ Agricultural Genomics | Fios Genomics - Fios Genomics offer a range of bioinformatics services tailored to agricultural genomic data from the custom design & annotation of new microarrays, exploration of gene expression profiles (microarray/next-generation sequence based) &/or linkage/association analysis of a trait within a population.
  • https://www.fiosgenomics.com/applications/european-framework-programmes/ European Framework Programmes | Fios Genomics - Fios Genomics is currently involved in 3 European Framework Programmes (FP7); EPIAF, MAARS and Aquatrace.
  • https://www.fiosgenomics.com/applications/stratified-medicine/ Stratified Medicine | Fios Genomics - The SMS-IC will focus on generating the information platform and resource infrastructure needed for stratification of major chronic diseases.

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  • heidi - Not as advertised

    I am very disappointed in this product, I used the concentrate and the hose spray bottles. I still have moss on the roof.

  • Larry Berneking - Stubby Did IT!

    My son and daughter in law bought a new house and soon found out her Chevy Equinox's antenna would drag along the garage door when she pulled into the garage. Thanks to the "Stubby" antenna no more problem and the radio reception was great. The installation was easy and took less than 5 minutes.

  • John R. Stephens - Cheap/effective way to reface your tub

    I refaced both the tub and the sink top in my master bath with 2 separate kits. Overall, I am very pleased with the results. I did do a ton of research to ensure that I did not screw up and have to start all over again. Here are some tips and hints that I found while researching:

  • Lillie - Bare Minerals not as promised!

    I am 26 and have always worn sunscreen, I have a fairly good complexion and wanted to try this make-up because I've heard such great things about it. I was very disappointed in the foundation--it settled into fine lines I didn't know existed and was very cake-like and difficult to blend. It did, however, match my light olive complexion which has been difficult to find, but the fine lines/wrinkles were too much; I will be going back to Mary Kay products!

  • Ringer - These are the real deal

    After reading some of the 1 Star reviews claiming that these Ray-Bans were knock-offs, I was a little skeptical about ordering them. But after talking to an Amazon rep who assured me that any item sold by Amazon was 100% authentic, I placed my order. I received them in two days (thanks Prime) and couldn't be happier. I had been wearing a knock-off pair for the past couple of years and could tell immediately that these were authentic. Excellent product at a fantastic price. Thank you Amazon.