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The Forum for Injection Techniques (FIT) - The Forum’s mission is to support people with diabetes using injectable therapies, through evidence based practice in order to achieve the best possible health outcomes that are influenced by correct injection technique. Thus ensuring that the dose is delivered to the right injection site, using the right technique, every time.

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  • Amazon Customer - A yearly anthology to enjoy

    I have yet to be disappointed in the selection of authors and short stories that are published each year. The variety of views and narratives are intricately woven into fascinating reading.

  • NotsoTechnicalMac - It Does Work-

    I definitely had a subsurface leak in my 13,000 gallon in-ground gunite pool for maybe a year. I would lose approximately 1-1/2 - 2 inches of water/day, and living in California where we are in a drought, that costs money and releasing a valuable resource right down the drain. Iwas having to add about 20 gallons of water to the pool daily $$$.I was told that the leak was in the return lines and when the pump was on, that's when I would just be pumping water down the drain. And it wasn't only water. I have a salt system and where I used to put 2 x 40 pound bags of salt in during the summer, I was now having to put i about 12 bags, so I was discharging chemicals down the drain as well and the chemicals were never in balance, and I would start getting algae growth in a matter of days because I couldn't keep enough chemicals in the water.

  • Sarah Marie Joncas - Nice Addition to a GRE study program

    This book seemed like a fine way to prepare fro the GRE exam. I am using it as a supplement to other resources that I had already bought. It seems to cover all major parts of the exam, though I did notice that the depth of some sections was greater than others. I wonder if this has to do with which sections people tend to struggle with, or the author's own preferences or challenges. It is less 'neutral' than the book from big test-prep companies, but that IS NOT a bad thing! It is highly approachable, and I feel that it is an easier read than Kaplan.

  • Dad On The Go - Smaller than you think!

    I ordered this to protect my iPhone 6plus. I was disappointed with the product as you cannot use this product if you have a case for your phone. The phone alone may fit (haven't tried). However taking off the case I use to protect my phone from bumps to only protect it from water doesn't seem very smart.

  • Geri - Resistance chair

    I lost my hearing due to a Dr. and I've been dizzy and needed therapy. I went to therapy for 1 month and it was very costly so we puchased the Resistance chair, which has helped me immensely! I think if you purchase it you'd love it,. especiallly for older people.

  • S. Newton - Interesting recipes, concept did not captivate me

    I really wanted to love this book. I own other books from Food52, love the website, love Amanda Hesser. So, here's the problem I have with it. As structured, I have very little use for it. A lot of work was put into planning the week of meals, you have shopping lists, you have estimated time spend during the weekend to prepare all recipes. But the snag is that none of the weeks as a whole appealed to my style of cooking - recipes sound great for the most part, but they would be the type of recipe I would cook for company, not for our everyday meals. For instance, we never make desserts, it's just not something we enjoy on a regular basis. You could of course adapt the recipes and use the overall cooking schedule to fit your taste. Many of the recipes seem wonderful - it's just the whole concept of the book that did do it for me. I know I will end up making a few of the recipes chosen from here and there, but simply do not see myself using the book as they intended it to be used, as a New Way for dinner.