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Foros de Soporte del Trastorno Obsesivo Compulsivo TOC. Terapia de Exposicion y Prevencion de Respuesta Foro TOC - Foro TOC - Foros de Soporte del Trastorno Obsesivo Compulsivo TOC. Terapia de Exposicion y Prevencion de Respuesta

Country:, Europe, FR

City: 2.1333 Essonne, France

  • Literacy Coach - Pik of Wonder

    Sweet styling tool! It is tough and fit perfectly on my hair dryer.My only regret is that I didn't buy 2.

  • DOmedicalstudent - Helpful

    If you are thinking about medical school this is a great book to have. It lists all the different MD schools and what they require, the stats from the school, community surroundings, school info and contact. If you are thinking about a DO school, the information is available online. Just google.

  • oklahomacocklebur - act 123

    Taking the ACT three or more times making use of study periods w/study guides in between is a great way to raise your score considerably. This guide is a good choice for such use. Be sure and take the test more than once. You will raise your score.

  • Estee - Didn't work on me

    I bought this the summer of 2007 when i was interning and had spare cash. Figured it'd be worth the investment BEEEEEEEEEEEP. yeah total waste of money. I used it regularly (3 times a week) for over 5 months straight and noticed not even the slightest bit of difference. I continued using it once a week after that but am yet to see any results. I still have it lying somewhere. The only reason i gave it 2 stars instead of 1 is because it didn't burn my scalp or cause my hair to fall out or smth :)

  • Dan J Koepke - More forced but still a decent read.

    Third in the series (so far) and a bit of a letdown from the previous two. This one follows the same build from the previous books but feels very forced at times. If you have invested in the first two and really liked the plot, then I would recommend finishing the story arc with this book. The next installation of the series will transition to a new evil to battle so maybe the writing will improve again with a fresh story arc to pursue.

  • Patrick W. - BMX Bike Missing key parts no response from company

    I purchased a bike for my son. Everything appeared to be there, but when it came time to assemble the brake system the brake lines were not with the the rest of the brake assembly parts. We have tried numerous times to call the seller with no success. The speed with which we received the item was great---but missing parts and no one answering the calls of the consumer made this a less than great buying experience. I will reconsider any major purchases again using Amazon.

  • Patsy L. Davis - Great read

    This was a great series, I felt like the people in the story were believable. They didn't live above their means, I like how you didn't make them seem like they were filthy rich red bottom wearing ghetto living people.