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  • S. D. Smith - Best book I've read in a long time!

    Seriously the best sci-fi I've read in a long time. Great characters and just enough plot twists to keep me guessing. Well written!

  • Camille M. Anderson - So if you want towatch "Pretty Little Liars"

    Literally all it does is download a small application to your computer that takes you to an internet website. From there, there are links to different movies and shows. But these movies and shows are just buttons that take you to the parent website. So if you want to watch "Pretty Little Liars", that button on Rabbit TV's website takes you to the ABC Family website... and that's it. It's stupid. lol

  • Kendall L. Vaughan - Ditto to all the criticism everyone is saying about moving to subscription...

    But I just wanted to add one point for people that primarily do work in web design and interface design. There are many great solutions out there that best Photoshop in almost every area. Bohemian Coding's new app Sketch is one serious competitor to Photoshop these days. One of the apps main advantages is that it focuses entirely on web and interface design so you don't have to drudge through all of Photoshops bloat to be able to find the features that you are looking for. This is the way that it always should have worked but Adobe axed several applications that have worked this way (this last year they killed the once great Fireworks and a number of years earlier they discontinued ImageReady.)

  • swim54 - Not Wonderful

    The nutrition value is good and the flavor is good. It does not get thick and is more like a flavored skim milk. I think the product looks great on paper but did not deliver what I expected from the description.

  • Lawrence Wegeman, Jr. - WORKS FOR ME

    I would NEVER USE CLR TO RINSE OUT A COFFEE MAKER. USE VINEGAR FOR THAT. Also, use generic bleach in place of Drano. Bleach is easier on metal pipes and a lot cheaper.

  • Johnny - It's a bodice-ripper and a romance

    Somewhat disappointing. The crime solver in this thriller is beautiful and perfect in every way (so much one wonders if Patterson helped with her perfect female description.) She's petite, smart, a doctor, does charity work, is a gymnast and most likely every straight mans' dream The heroine works on solving murders and (gasp) is a target for murder herself. A big, string, impossibly good looking man may have committed the murders but it's hard for a dentist/gymnast to keep her panties on around him. The book delves into romaqnce and bheeeeeh. Wish the author would have stuck with a thriller instead of trying for a bodice-ripper.

  • jazzy - save your money

    I paid around $60 for my bottle & it didnt even work. My appetite didn't increase & neither did my weight. Im still at 115....cb1 sucks