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The Woodlands Dentist Roseanne Ganley DDS - Dentist Roseanne Ganley is your Pankey dentist practicing in The Woodlands, Texas - general dentistry, cosmetic and restorative dentistry, complete oral care, whitening and familt and pediatric dentistry.

  • http://www.ganleydds.com/our-practice/ Roseanne Ganley, DDS - Our Practice - Roseanne Ganley, DDS is your Pankey dentist practicing in The Woodlands, Texas - providing complete oral care, cosmetic and restorative dentistry, whitening and family and pediatric dentistry.
  • http://www.ganleydds.com/dental-services/ Roseanne Ganley, DDS - Procedures - Below are just some of the many procedures and services regularly provided the patients of dentist Roseanne Ganley, DDS in The Woodlands, TX
  • http://www.ganleydds.com/smiles-videos/ Roseanne Ganley, DDS - Smile Gallery - Below are samples of some amazing smile transformations from Dentist Roseanne Ganley (The Woodlands, Texas)
  • http://www.ganleydds.com/new-patients/ Roseanne Ganley, DDS - New Patients - Dentist Roseanne Ganley, DDS is accepting new patients in The Woodlands, Texas. Come and experience truly patient-focused and comprehensive dentistry. It is our goal to exceed your expectations. Visiting our office can improve your smile...and it could even change the way you look and feel about yourself.
  • http://www.ganleydds.com/contact/ Roseanne Ganley, DDS - Contact - The Woodlands Dentist, Dr. Roseanne Ganley is a dental professional dedicated to excellence in family and cosmetic dentistry.
  • http://www.ganleydds.com/MeetDrGanley.aspx Roseanne Ganley, DDS - Meet Dr. Ganley - Dr. Roseanne Ganley (The Woodlands, TX) embodies what you expect in your dentist: friendliness and exceptional skills. Even if she isn’t your dentist, she’s the type of person you’d want for a friend.

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  • Brandy Saylor - Pleasently surprised!

    I really like this brand after trying this oil! I hadn't heard of it before and was skeptical to be honest. When the company offered me a discount code to try it, I figured it couldn't hurt anything. I have used Essential oils for years. I know what watered down crappy oils smell like. I know how thick the liquid is supposed to be. I know when something is just a fragrance. I don't feel like this brand falls under any of those categories. I was EXTREMELY impressed by the strength of this oil. A carrier oil would not interfere with the quality. I diffused this oil and the entire house smelled amazing! This bottle is also MASSIVE. I pay a fair amount of money for a 1 ounce bottle normally and I could basically buy 2 ounces for the cost of this 4 ounce bottle. The bottle is very thick amber and the cap didn't leak in shipping. Let me repeat that...THIS SHIPPED OIL DIDN'T LEAK IN SHIPPING. The packaging was completely dry. The lid was not soak in oil and the dropper was shipped wrapped in it's own bubble wrap. I have had oils arrive and leave a huge mess and have half of the oil wasted. That didn't happen with this company. The box it was shipped in was just large enough to hold the package and not let it roll and slosh around everywhere. The dropper was bubble wrapped and kept separate so that it didn't break. I appreciated that extra step. It's not that droppers are expensive, but it's really inconvenient to have to go buy a dropper. If I have to go to my local herb shop for a dropper, Im not just going to buy a dropper. Im going to spend $60 and 2 hours buying stuff that I don't need because Im in the darn store. Im extremely happy with the care that the company put into packaging.

  • Patricia Abramson - I love this program and have the 2008 version with the ...

    I love this program and have the 2008 version with the USB GPS & it still works fine (well in my windows 7 laptop)....even if the Hotels , restaurants, campgrounds etc are out of date. I have other iphone apps for that up-to-date info....BUT this is the best also for planning in advance multi stop trips. You can add notes/comments right on the map. PROBLEM IS MS NO LONGER SUPPORTING Streets & Trips . link posted below.

  • Jessica S. - Lightweight and Effective

    My beloved Dyson recently passed away (hole in the tubing), so I purchased this Shark as a lesser-priced replacement, due in part to it's excellent reviews. I've been using it daily for almost a month now, and here are my thoughts:

  • Tommy - Awful program, horrible layout and crashes constantly....

    Absolutely horrible program, clunky, large install, program kept crashing on brand new i7 machine with Nvidia GTX980TI. Would like to know how to get a refund for this immediately. Just found out i cant get a refund! Trust me, don't waste your money!!!!!!!

  • Jeremy S - Loved it in the beginning, but it has fallen apart

    I originally had a Speck grip case, but after a month the grip pieces started peeling off. I have always had speck cases and have loved them on all of my iphones (iphone 1, 2, 4GS), but the rubber pieces on the iphone 5 cases are not up to par. Getting to this case...

  • sueh - Cleans well, but clunky and heavy and the sweep function is useless

    Fantastic steamer, but the sweep function is entirely useless and makes more of a mess than anything. The additional sweep function adds a lot of weight which makes the cleaner really difficult to maneuver. Also, there is no dedicated ON switch for the steam function, so you have to hold down a button on the handle the entire time as you steam your floors. This inconvenience was fine at first, but after a few times, it gets old...and tiring on the finger. Of course I could simply fasten a rubber band around the button to clasp it down, but that shouldn't be necessary if the device was more intelligently designed. I would not purchase again or recommend to anyone--I always recommend steam cleaners for anyone looking for a effective and efficient way to clean their floors, but I always warn them to stay away from this specific model. I'll probably eventually resell this cleaner on craigslist and buy a Haan.

  • Anni - Must Buy ! Love it !!!!

    This is a must buy if you like ice cream and yogurt. It's so healthy. It's great for people like myself who is wright conscious but has a sweet tooth. I tried using yellow mango instead of banana, and my family actually prefer the mango . Great product, easy to clean and use.