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Genomics England | 100,000 Genomes Project - Sequencing 100,000 DNA codes of patients, leading to better, earlier diagnosis and personalised care, for cancer, rare diseases and infectious diseases.

  • https://www.genomicsengland.co.uk/accessibility/ Accessibility | Genomics England - Accessibility Please note that certain features will not be supported in older web browsers. The minimum requirement for Internet Explorer is IE9
  • https://www.genomicsengland.co.uk/about-genomics-england/ About Genomics England | Genomics England - Genomics England is a company owned by the Department of Health. It was set up to sequence 100,000 genomes from NHS patients by 2017.
  • https://www.genomicsengland.co.uk/about-genomics-england/how-we-work/ How we work | Genomics England - The Department of Health established Genomics England as a wholly owned, limited company to deliver the 100,000 Genomes Project.
  • https://www.genomicsengland.co.uk/about-genomics-england/how-we-work/patient-and-public-involvement/ Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) | Genomics England - We are working with patients, patient groups and charities, patient and public involvement (PPI) groups and participants throughout the 100,000 Genomes Project.
  • https://www.genomicsengland.co.uk/about-genomics-england/the-board/ The Board | Genomics England - The Genomics England board oversees all of our activities, ratifies all major decisions and sets the overall strategy for the organisation.
  • https://www.genomicsengland.co.uk/contact-us/ Contact Us | Genomics England - Contact details for Genomics England. Email [email protected] or call 0207 882 5030.
  • https://www.genomicsengland.co.uk/the-100000-genomes-project/ The 100,000 Genomes Project | Genomics England - Introduction to the 100,000 Genomes Project and how it is transforming care for rare disease and cancer patients in the NHS.
  • https://www.genomicsengland.co.uk/the-100000-genomes-project/understanding-genomics/ Understanding Genomics | Genomics England - Find out about genomes, genomics, sequencing, and the 100,000 Genomes Project.
  • https://www.genomicsengland.co.uk/the-100000-genomes-project/data/ Data access, security and privacy | Genomics England - Participant privacy and confidentiality is vital in the 100,000 Genomes Project. A key feature of the Project is that an individual’s data will not be released.
  • https://www.genomicsengland.co.uk/information-for-gmc-staff/ Information for GMC staff | Genomics England - Information and latest documents for NHS staff working in Genomic Medicine Centres.
  • https://www.genomicsengland.co.uk/about-gecip/ Clinical Interpretation Partnership | Genomics England - The Genomics England Clinical Interpretation Partnership (GeCIP) is how funders, researchers, trainees & clinicians collaborate with the 100,000 Genomes Project
  • https://www.genomicsengland.co.uk/about-gecip/gecip-domains/ Research themes and topics | Genomics England - List of research themes and topics (GeCIP Domains) in the 100,000 Genomes Project.
  • https://www.genomicsengland.co.uk/about-gecip/joining-research-community/ Joining our research community | Genomics England - Information about how to apply to become part of our research community - the Genomics England Clinical Interpretation Partnership (GeCIP).
  • https://www.genomicsengland.co.uk/about-gecip/for-gecip-members/ For GeCIP members | Genomics England - Information for GeCIP members This page provides GeCIP members with information about data and data access, funding and collaboration opportunities. There are
  • https://www.genomicsengland.co.uk/about-gecip/events/ Events for researchers | Genomics England - Upcoming events, meetings, conferences and workshops for the GeCIP research community.
  • https://www.genomicsengland.co.uk/about-gecip/nominating-rd-or-tumour-type/ Nominate a rare disease or tumour type | Genomics England - Clinicians, healthcare professionals, NHS GMCs, GeCIP and industry partners can nominate a rare disease or tumour type, or propose a change to eligibility
  • https://www.genomicsengland.co.uk/working-with-industry/ Working with industry | Genomics England - Companies have come together to create the Genomics Expert Network for Enterprises (GENE) Consortium, to oversee a year-long Industry Trial.
  • https://www.genomicsengland.co.uk/working-with-industry/industry-partners/ Industry Partners | Genomics England - Members of the GENE Consortium Click the following links to visit GENE Consortium member websites (links open in a new window) AbbVie Alexion
  • https://www.genomicsengland.co.uk/working-with-industry/working-with-industry-faqs/ Working with industry FAQs | Genomics England - Frequently Asked Questions about how Genomics England is working with industry.
  • https://www.genomicsengland.co.uk/news/events/ Events | Genomics England - Upcoming Genomics England events, meetings and debates including our Genomic Medicine Seminar series. View videos of past events.
  • https://www.genomicsengland.co.uk/taking-part/information-for-participants/ Information for participants | Genomics England - Updates and information for people who are taking part in the Project, including the latest participant newsletter.
  • https://www.genomicsengland.co.uk/genomics-plc-appointed-as-analysis-partner-for-the-gene-consortium/ Genomics plc Appointed as Analysis Partner for the GENE Consortium | Genomics England - Genomics plc, a leading analysis company developing an integrated platform to uncover the relationships between genetic variation and human disease, today
  • https://www.genomicsengland.co.uk/the-100000-genomes-project-by-numbers/ The 100,000 Genomes Project by numbers | Genomics England - This page gives you the number of whole genomes sequenced, against our target of 100,000. This figure is updated every month.

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