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  • Kitty Vons - Powerful and Biodegradable

    I bought a spray bottle of this when I moved into a new house. I figured the screens above the stove were going to be greasy and this is biodegradable. However, I have found a bunch of other cleaning jobs this product is great with. So much so I bought this giant refill. It has worked with dried paint and even tar that somehow got tracked in onto a vinyl floor. I have used it on the rubber mats that surround a hot tub, and rust stains on the driveway. I am planning on using it in the garage for grease stains, once all of the boxes (in the non grease stained corners) are out.

  • Debbie Mullins - Extreme Sadism? Check. Barbaric Violence? Check. Steeped in Misery? Check. Devolvement Complete.

    This was way too much. They went too far. This episode was sick, but a different kind of sick. The brutality and mindset of the new character is beyond repulsive. I've been a fan of TWD since day one and I'm sorry it's come to this. I was sitting there asking myself, "Why am I spending my precious time inputting these horrific images and misery into my brain"? It used to be FUN to watch the Waking Dead! It was exciting to see what our people would do next in their travels. It was the survival part, the creativity and moxy they showed in solving problems--and finding good stuff out n the road! Now it's just devolved into sadism, brutality and bIood spilling. That's all it is now. I won't be returning to view more misery, death, crying, barbaric bloody character murders, or torture of the characters I've loved. Buh-bye

  • Joshua - Nope

    returning. lots of skipping. i had bluez2 before and lost 'em so i tried this...will go back to bluez. sound, when not skipping is not as good as bluez.

  • Nikki s. - I wouldn't buy again

    Ive used this product every time I wash my hair. I'm not sure what's so great about it. I thought it's suppose to strengthen the hair, detangler, make shine and all that jazz. I have long hair so detangler is something I look for. This product doesn't really detangle. It doesn't really add shine. Sometimes my hair feels fake from it.

  • Swann - Causes breakouts

    I am a 27 year old woman with combo skin and prone to acne. these pills make me break out. I bought a bottle from costco a year ago and started getting more acne so I stopped taking these. A few weeks ago at costco I saw they have a gummy version of this supplement. I tried a sample and it was so yummy, but I thought maybe I should finish the ones I have at home before I buy the gummies. I had forgotten why I had stopped taking them. After taking these for just 3 days, I started getting those big pimples with no head so you cant pop them. And I was getting them in unusual places like the bridge of my nose inbetween my eyes and on my forehead. Typically I only breakout on my cheeks now. I stopped taking it and lo and behold, break outs are gone. This brand gives me weird results. I took another brand of this type of supplement before and it worked a lot better