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  • Amazon Customer - Wonderful Stain Remover!

    I have 5 children, and 2 dogs. Our carpet is white, yikes! Needless to say, it's a mess. This stuff works AWESOME. MY daughter's room smelled terrible from dirty carpet, I carpet cleaned it over and over just to still have the smell. I sprayed heavily Kids and Pets all over the carpet and it works! IT doesn't hide the smell or mask it, it just makes it smell neutral, like nothing at all! I love it. I've tried all different brands over the years, and I have never seen something work so well. Will buy again and again. Thanks!

  • Erika Zivelonghi - ... as well as open up my older files very easily. The only trouble I may see in the ...

    I'm not a hundred percent sure why a lot of people are having trouble with the downloads and executing the program period I have Windows 7 and I have no trouble downloading it nor do I have any trouble accessing it on my computer each of the four files open properly and I can create new files as well as open up my older files very easily. The only trouble I may see in the future is if I decide to get rid of my laptop and want to actually put this program on a newer laptop I may have to get Windows involved. Otherwise it's advertised for one computer and that's how I plan to use it.

  • Conservative Reader - WOW.

    Dinesh really brings to light what is in obamas twisted mind. Stops our off shore drilling but give money to SA countries to do off shore drilling. Gives back the bust of Winston Churchill. Why, well you need to rent the video to understand why. Obama is out to destroy this country and people have no idea or care only to vote for a man not to be called raciest.

  • gabascal - Good Information and Style

    Good information, organization and style. However, the inventory section is very basic and information for the Premier and Enterprise versions of QuickBooks 2013 could have more substance.

  • Eric - The GFCI outlet (Right next to the kitchen sink) was testing fine with it's own internal test button

    Exactly as advertised, helped me trace down a faulty GFCI. The GFCI outlet (Right next to the kitchen sink) was testing fine with it's own internal test button. A home inspector stated that the outlet was bad, I contested because it was testing fine! This showed that it was faulty. I now use this tester at least quarterly to check for faulty GFCIs. Better to use this and save yourself, than rely on the outlet alone.

  • Jason Burrell - Gibson Les Paul Studio

    I picked mine up a few weeks ago from local guitar stores here in Lynnwood Wa. I must say for my first Les Paul I'm very impressed. Overall this guitar is beautiful and the tone is amazing. My only gripe is the tuners. While mine had the robo tuners replaced with Kluson tuners the Google sting doesn't seen to stay in tune after bends of the Google string. I've ordered a set of Grovers witch I will install soon. As for the zero fret nut it's brass it's soft metal not sure why gibson decided to go with these, I've read a few posts about complaints of the strings wearing deep groves into them. I've contacted Gibson about the issue and the are sending me free of charge a Titatainumn zero fret nut. The set up was decent but I plan on having my Luthier install the new tuners and nut and a pro set up here soon. I love the new 2015 gold hard case as well. For the money you really can't get a better Gibson new off the shelf.

  • Jessica - I've had terrible dark circles for the majority of my life

    Dark spots, under eye dark circles, and scars can be so embarrassing. They're unsightly on your face. They show your age. They don't have to control you though. There's options!