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Antimicrobial Skin Disinfectants | Immune System Supplements - Global Biotechnologies is a manufacturer of professional infection control and health products. Microsan Hand Sanitizer. Hard Surface Disinfectants.

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  • Wyndell Watkins - Excellent charger

    This is an excellent charging base for all of your mobile devices. I have a iPhone 6, iPad 3 and a Samsung Tablet and it charges all of them quickly. I bought two of these, one for home and one to keep in my briefcase for when I travel and I am definitely happy that I did. I would choose this one again if I had to do it all over.

  • Utah Dan - I like how it looks

    I like the look and the price was better than going with MOPAR!! it fits a little loose and wiggles around but does the job. Getting the stock ring out was a bit of a hassle broke a tab, but the new one went in fine and easy.

  • Alice Litchfield - Cover is on book inproperly

    The cover on this book is on upside down. Very confusing. Looks like your studying upside down. Very disappionted for the price.

  • Jesse - mobil 1 gear lube 75w-90 in Harley Street Bob trans

    arrived quickly thanks to Amazon prime. i used it in the transmission of my 2011 Harley Street Bob, as i beleve in using gear oil in a gear box (transmission) rather than engine oil like many recommend. The oil is fine but for my particular application i will likely use 95w-140 next time because my trans tends to get a little notchy when its hot. the heavier weight should cure that. it still shifts smoother with this oil than it does with engine oilOil

  • Blue - Avoid Roxio like the plague

    If I could give zero stars, I would. I have been purchasing Roxio creator products for years simply because when they work, they are pretty easy to use. Unfortunately, they only work for a few weeks and then develop problems. Roxio has now figured out that if they produce a product that cannot be updated when your computer changes over time (with necessary Windows updates, security updates etc.), Roxio will simply stop working. Then customers will become beyond frustrated and simply purchase the next version of Roxio so that they will have a copy that works. This means that Roxio now releases a "new" more bloated version of Roxio every year now. This "new" version is always exactly like the old version that now no longer works, but with "new" functions that you will never use but that will serve to slow down your system and make it all but impossible for even the fastest computer chock-full of memory to run. When Roxio stops working, and it will, don't bother to email tech support. No matter what your trouble ticket reports to be the problem, the only response they ever give is for you to do a full uninstall and clean reinstall of Roxio. Sounds easy right? Well it's not. First you have to individually remove each and every program associated with Roxio in the Control panel. I just had to do that and there were 10 programs in addition to just the Roxio program, and I probably missed some. Then you get to individually remove about 11 pieces of programs still on your computer. Then you get to go into your system registry (something you really should never do unless you have advanced knowledge of how to do so), and remove yet more tiny pieces of anything listed as "Roxio" or "Sonic." All told, it usually takes over two hours just to do a "clean" uninstall of Roxio. Even then most cleaner programs will find fragments in your system. Now here comes the fun part. You then get to wait while the entire bloated Roxio suite of programs reinstalls. So far, my brand new Windows 7, 64-bit system has taken about an hour and a half and still isn't finished. This is the third "clean" uninstall and reinstall I've had to do in the last week. Hmm, that adds up to 3.5+ hours each time. So for this week alone, I've spent 10.5 hours dealing with Roxio. Since I've had to do this at least every month for the last year, sometimes several times per month, I would estimate that I've spent at least 60 hours just this year uninstalling and reinstalling Roxio. Now if you add that to all the uninstalls and reinstalls I've done in the past few years with each version of Roxio, well the hours really add up. Every year I tell myself I just won't buy the new version, and every year I give up and buy it because I don't want to have to learn how to use a new suite of software. Don't be sucked in. Avoid Roxio like the plague it is. If you think I'm exaggerating, just read a few reviews online. The people who have positive things to say simply haven't had their program stop working yet. I'm betting these same people also rarely use this program. If you actually do a big project, say authoring a DVD or importing a number of cds, your Roxio program will inexplicably stop working at random and will likely never function properly again.