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Stop Snoring With Good Night Stop Snoring Ring! - The most natural, non-invasive and elegant way to stop snoring - ensuring both you and your partner get a great night's sleep. 30 day money-back guarantee.

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  • cody morrison - very fine, bleached

    A MUST HAVE! It lasts forever!! Works all day!! Other products don't even come close. It's a thicker liquid with characteristics of a wax/pomade. I have shoulder length, very fine, bleached, damaged, blonde hair. I wash my hair about 3 times a week. I blow dry my hair until it's mostly dry, slightly damp, and use less than 1 pump all over my hair, then blow dry it for another minute. It also works really well on perfectly dry hair, too, run a little through the ends and brush. Doesn't do much for really wet hair when you blow dry, works best on damp and dry hair, mid-way through blow drying. it's light but waxy so it seals my straw-like ends, softens my frizzy hair, and lasts all day! I think the point of this product and the reason for it's texture is to weigh down your hair a little bit to smooth it and seal any dead ends and frizz. It's really magical. I wouldn't say it makes my hair greasy/oily shiny but since it seals my frizz, it looks healthier. Not greasy on the hair at all. This has literally lasted me over 9 months, probably a year now. Rusk makes a similar product but I still go back to this one. Would definitely pay double this price.

  • Erin U. - Works great, the remote is very handy and the box it came in is heavy duty for storage for years to come

    These lights are awesome. I got this product at a discounted rate to review it and leave my honest opinion. However, it is July and I can't wait for Thanksgiving to roll around so I can put this out for Christmas. This light projector is a very pretty hammered-bronze color on the outside of the light case so it will look very nice in my yard. It also comes with a remote control that I think is great so once it is installed and ready to use we won't actually have to go flip a switch on the base to make it work - especially nice and handy during winter months. I did set this up upon arrival to test it out and it is beautiful. We may go ahead and pay full price to get another for the other side of our house before Christmas. I also have to note that although it will not affect the product's performance in any way, it was packaged vey nicely in a reusable very heavy box with magnetic closure that will be very nice for storing the unit when not in use and will save me money on having to purchase a storage box to keep it in, which I thought was very nice.

  • wordnrrrd - Makes mid-2012 Macbook Pro blazing fast

    I used this SSD as a replacement hard drive in a mid-2012 Macbook Pro into which I'd already installed 16GB of RAM, and the improvement is nothing short of dramatic. I was having boot-up issues, with the computer freezing at the log-in screen for several minutes, and app icons seemed to bounce endlessly before the app would open. Now, from pressing the power button to the desktop takes 30 seconds, and apps open in a mere two bounces of the icon.

  • J. Robinson - Pretty Good Fitness Game

    I love the idea of having a fitness game that tracks my movements and that I can do at home. For the most part the creators of this game have done a wonderful job. The Kinect does a great job of tracking my movements accurately. I wish my living room had a bit more space, but that's not the fault of the game. There's a huge variety of workouts with difficulty levels from beginner to advanced and the majority of the routines I've tried were quite a bit of fun.

  • Pthymnb - Works well and is decorative

    My husband and I were looking for a new and decorative salt mill, so we thought that we would give this one a try. This one is quite beautiful and it really adds a lot of charm to a table. This mill is very simple to fill with salt or pepper. However, this mill does not come with salt or pepper, so you need to provide your own. The top is a true black color. The grinder is pretty sharp and grinds salt and pepper very easily and it grinds it into the same size pieces. I received this item in exchange for my unbiased review.