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  • Kameron Stover - My #1 Self-Improvement Book

    Let's be honest. As a man, the one and only reason I exist is to have sex. It is the real motivation of everything I do. I am not joking.

  • Tacomagal - Great mop

    The handle is a little short. And I would like to see microfiber cloth. OtherwIse this works like a charm. Picks up dirt (not so great on hair) great and wrings out so well that the floor is dry soon after mopping.

  • LISA LOU - A little cheesy..

    Bought this for my husb because of the other reviews. He has used one of the dvds in our dvd blue ray

  • Robert R. - Great case for a great phone

    Awesome case. I love the cut edges versus the rounded edges. It feels sturdy in my hands, fits the iPhone 7 Plus perfect, and has a great clear back to showoff the new matte black phone. Doesn't add too much bulk to the phone.

  • Tiffany Michel - Don't waist your money!

    If everyone is saying don't take this product and then go get junk food, but instead eat clean and take it; are the pills actually working? The clean eating alone is what will help you lose weight NOT the pills themselves. To lose weight it takes 80% diet and 20% exercise. Don't waste your money people.

  • Jeffrey - More importantly my 4 Yr old loves it

    I got out of ordering one of these last year when he was 3. I looked up the pricing, reviews and cost of the apps and thought I didnt have one of these and I came out fine. Well the bell rang again on it for his 4th birthday and I saw the need for something that could be used as an educational game. All kids love tablets and I unlike others was not going to buy a 4 yr. old an adult tablet or any type of gaming system

  • Jennifer - This text is a wonderful resource!

    This text is a wonderful resource!! I was taking an online class for excel and I hit a wall once the topic turned to PivotCharts and PivotTables. Fortunately, this book helped explain the purpose of pivotcharts/pivottables very well. The Excel Bible has great examples and step by step guides of how to accomplish tasks in excel. I recommend this book especially if you are at an intermediate level of excel.