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  • Lewis Samuel - Also provides great protection for your knuckles

    These gloves fit snugly and provide a few things. Padding for your palms, silicone fingertip grips for single finger operation of brakes and shifters, and an absorbent thumb pad for whipping sweat away from our face. Also provides great protection for your knuckles. I live this glove.

  • Writer in Residence - Great Flavor for a Morning Smoothie!

    I am not a die hard exercise enthusiast, but I am a very busy business woman and single parent who is always trying to find the quickest breakfast which packs the most nutrition. I am very guilty of running out the door in the morning without eating or grabbing something that has empty calories and zero nutrition. I decided to buy a NutriBullet blender (food extractor) and began experimenting with various ingredients. My favorite breakfast shake now consists of Gold Standard Banana Cream flavored whey protein (1 scoop), a small banana, cup of blueberries and pure coconut water. The whey protein blends completely and is packed with nutrition - it tastes fantastic. I also use the chocolate flavor blended with skim milk and an ice-cube for a guilt-free super-treat. I realize that many people may be turned off because one of the ingredients is Aspartame, but that doesn't bother me. The result of drinking this 5 minute smoothie once per day (plus eating smart the rest of the day) is that my brain-fog is gone, I have tons of energy and I no longer have cravings for sugar. Additionally, my mornings at work are much more productive. Oddly enough, I look forward to getting up in the morning to have this because I feel so darn good and I hate mornings (confirmed night owl!). For my purposes, this product has a great taste, blends completely, has top quality ingredients all with a reasonable price and it has helped me. I recommend it for anyone looking for a boost in the morning or before/after a workout. Enjoy!

  • Duder86 - Im a heavy smoker and weigh about 160. I ...

    Im a heavy smoker and weigh about 160. I quit smoking 2 weeks before my urine screen. Drank it 2 hours before with a lot of water and urinated 3-4 times. I past my test. I'd trust it again.

  • Vintage Princess - I'm sprouting a little new hair

    This is just one of multiple hair loss remedies I am using. My medication is causing the loss. I will never know which product is working but this shampoo and conditioner makes my hair feel awesome! The scent is not lovely but that washes out totally, leaving soft & shiny hair. I suppose the scent reminds me this is a serious product to help my hair. I certainly recommend these products, including the treatment bottle. That one is smaller but it's worth the effort to buy all three in the set.


    As a dedicated TWD fan, I have been anxiously and impatiently awaiting the Season 7 premier. It did (and did not disappoint). There will be spoilers in this review, so if you have yet to watch the premier (and have also somehow managed to escape all news outlets, social media sites, and annoying friends who don't know how to keep their mouths shut) here is your warning: read no further unless you intend to be spoiled.