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GRX Marketing - GRX Marketing specializes in healthcare marketing with an emphasis on pharmacy marketing services.

  • http://www.grxmarketing.com/services.html Pharmacy Marketing - We can work with local vendors, media reps, and do outreach implementation. We take pride in our fast turnaround, most requests are completed in days.
  • http://www.grxmarketing.com/about.html Pharmacy Marketing - Offering a full range of services, all designed to help pharmacy business grow. GRX Marketing team has 15+ years of health focused marketing experience.
  • http://www.grxmarketing.com/testimonials-1.html Pharmacy Marketing Testimonials - 'They are the best in the business. They take my ideas and turn them into marketing.” David Smith, R.Ph. Business Owner/Pharmacist Burlington, NC
  • http://www.grxmarketing.com/grx-news.html GRX News - At GRX Marketing we specialize in healthcare marketing with an emphasis on pharmacy marketing services.

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  • Stewbacca - Perfect!

    Very quick setup and easy to use. Starts up much faster than my PlayStation, and downloading apps is a breeze. Seems to load my shows much quicker as well. Smaller than I expected, about the size of a 5x7 photo album. I love that it uses a Bluetooth connection that doesn't require line-of-sight to the remote, so you can place it behind your TV or other devices to save shelf space.

  • josh - Best tattoo care product by far

    Best tattoo care product on the market or ever made. The company went under for awhile cause there was to much demand and I am so glad to see it back online and available for purchased I have bought several of these. Trust me u won't go wrong. My color is still just as bright as it was on day one and that was over 10 years ago.