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My personal experience with Hemorrhoids - Here you can read interesting post about my personal experience with hemorrhoids, which should help you to get proper solution of Hemorrhoids related problems.

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  • D. R. Schryer - Stomach acid is indeed good for you but so is magnesium

    For decades I suffered from severe bouts of acid reflux and heartburn several times each week. Then I began taking a daily supplement of chelated magnesium for another seemingly-unrelated ailment. To my pleasant surprise the supplemental magnesium not only cured the ailment for which I was taking it, it also completely stopped my episodes of acid reflux and heartburn. I have since learned that acid reflux is often the result of stomach spasms which cause acid (which healthy stomachs need and are designed by nature to tolerate and utilize) to be ejected into the esophagus which is not designed to be exposed to stomach acid and burns when it is so exposed. Magnesium is a natural relaxant and, therefore, it helps prevent the stomach spasms which often are the root cause of acid reflux and accompanying heartburn. I am a research chemist, not a physician, so I cannot tell you to take chelated magnesium as I did. I can, however, report to you the beneficial effects which I experienced from daily supplementation with chelated magnesium.

  • Mitzi Nava - I've been using St. Ives for years and this ...

    I've been using St. Ives for years and this one in particular was really creamy. I thought maybe it was just me so I went out and purchased one to compare and I was right. The store bought one was significantly grainier.