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Hair Center at Helendale NeoGraft Hair Replacement in NY - Your own healthy hair. Your own confident look. NeoGraft® Hair Replacement is now supported in the Rochester NY, Syracuse NY, and Buffalo NY region.

  • http://www.haircenterathelendale.com/about-us/ About Dr. Arthur & Staff | Hair Center at Helendale | Hair Clinic - Our hair clinic staff has over 20 years of hair restoration experience and is Board Certified in Dermatological Surgery which includes Hair Transplants.
  • http://www.haircenterathelendale.com/why-hair-loss/ Wondering why you're losing hair ? | Hair Center at Helendale - If you notice any excess thinning and baldness, we offer proactive treatment that will prevent you from losing hair and maintain healthy hair follicles.
  • http://www.haircenterathelendale.com/why-hair-loss/why-do-men-suffer-hair-loss/ Male Thinning Hair & Baldness | Hair Center at Helendale - Approximately 35 million men in the United States suffer from thinning hair, hair loss, and eventually complete baldness. Learn about treatment options.
  • http://www.haircenterathelendale.com/why-hair-loss/why-do-women-suffer-hair-loss/ What causes Female Hair Loss ? | Hair Center at Helendale - Women most commonly experience thinning hair and hair loss due to stress, medical issues or procedures, pregnancies, puberty, and especially menopause.
  • http://www.haircenterathelendale.com/hair-treatment/ Hair Treatment & Hair Restoration | Hair Center at Helendale - The Hair Center at Helendale offers hair treatment options including topical solutions, and fue hair replacement administered by a dermatologist.
  • http://www.haircenterathelendale.com/neograft/ NeoGraft FUE Hair Transplant | Hair Center at Helendale - Our minimally-invasive FUE hair transplant methods will restore your own hair, permanently. And we can start immediately. Begin with a free consultation.
  • http://www.haircenterathelendale.com/see-results/ Hair Restoration Treatment Results | Hair Center at Helendale - We’re excited to demonstrate how our FUE hair restoration method leaves behind no scars or inflammation. All you see is the patient’s own, healthy hair back
  • http://www.haircenterathelendale.com/contact/ Contact | Hair Center at Helendale | Buffalo and Rochester NY - The Hair Center at Helendale services Buffalo, Rochester, and surrounding areas.

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  • Nichol T - Great Product

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  • Melstamps - Feel-Good Holiday Read

    Every Christmas I have a few books and movies that I revisit just because I love them, they make me happy, and I love the Christmas season. Some are deeper than others, but more often, these books and movies are lightweight, frequently romantic, funny and/or tender, and they always take place during the Christmas season.  Debbie Macomber’s, The Twelve Days of Christmas, has now joined my personal list of Christmas “must read” books. It has a novel premise—what happens when one person, metaphorically speaking, kills another, grumpier person with kindness.  Julia Padden and Cain Maddox are neighbors who frequently run into each other in the morning as they catch the elevator. Julia is sunny, talkative and Cain is surly and quiet. He would prefer if she left him alone. He is rude and surly, one day even swiping her newspaper to replace the one that someone else had stolen from him. Julia is aghast. Later Julia complains to her friend about it and her friend suggests killing him with kindness. Julia accepts the challenge, and writes about it in a blog that she is writing in an effort to procure a job at a software company doing social media. What follows are Julia’s efforts, the consequences, and includes her daily blogs. Along the way, we get to know Cain’s grandfather, Bernie, who brings sage wisdom and added warmth to the story.

  • N. Wilkinson - This is a great bra

    I love this bra! I first found it in JC Penny's but only bought two, and when I went back to buy a couple more I couldn't find any in my size and color so I went online. It sure was good to find them on Amazon. Now I have to admit part of its appeal is that it fits me, and since I'm rather small that is sometimes tough, especially when I don't want to be squished smaller. This bra has a bit of padding to make me look good, but not enough to get scrunched up after being washed. It also doesn't have enough to qualify as one of those "be a size larger!" bras, which I personally find a little embarrasing. The lace provides a feminine look (so its not the bra equivalent of granny panties), but its not sheer and not especially sexy...just a comfortable, everyday bra. I can highly recomment it for anyone small or average size, however if you're large and past the perky stage it my not provide a lot of support - there are no underwires (which I'm always afraid will set off airport security alarms; although they haven't yet).

  • W. Torg - Great program

    This is a great greeting card program. Very flexible and easy to use. Easy to down load to my IMac.