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  • Owen Roeder - 'Advanced'? you might want to check on that . . .

    Really? This is a poor example of a rescue simulator. I've seen BEGINNER programmers code better sims than this. The ambulance fails to respond to my commands, and when I tried all of the steering options (buttons, steering wheel, tilt) the game glitches and the ambulance keeps turning even after I release the turn. However, this is a great start for a potentially great game.

  • Sarge - sample was delivered Quickly

    This is a great way for a supplier to advertise his product. There are so many gutter guards out there , you do not know what to order. I am defiantly fitting my house with this product.

  • Gemma Burchell - Useless product

    This is a greedy lying crappy product making it a disgrace to be here sold on amazon. It is Overpriced crap that doesnt work. I tryed this product for a month doing only one arm to see if there was a diffrence with photos to see the diffrence, there was no diffrence. The photos online with the diffrence between the arms was done by just tighting up the muscles in the arms. Dont waste your money

  • Amazon Customer - Teeth feel cleaner

    Ive already noticed a significant difference in the way my teeth feel after using this product. I know it will take some time for my teeth to completely become whitened, but it has changed a Few shades so far and it has been a couple of weeks since I received it. I use this first, before I use normal tooth paste. This is suggested in the directions and I believe is the best way to use it because after using it, your gums in between your teeth may look a little dark. Using toothpaste afterwards gets rid of the excess blackness of the charcoal remnants.I will definitely continue use of this product and I like the fact that it is all natural. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

  • GuruJon - Good OEM Racks

    These are a good alternative to the MOPAR racks. The seller has good customer service, and I highly recommend them. They are pretty quiet, but they obviously are going to create some noise. They are easily installed and uninstalled once you have them adjusted. Adjusting only takes a few minutes, with on exception. Two of my front rails were out of adjustment from the factory and the feet/towers did not reach all the way to the ends. The screw holes in the rail were appropriate, but the screws would hit a piece of metal inside the rail before getting to the end of the rail. If this happens, you'll need to encourage the metal block inside the rail to move about 1/8 inch on both sides. I did this using a screw driver shaft inserted through the screw hole to tap the metal block outwards towards the end of the rail. Once correctly positioned installation was a snap. Next on my list is a canoe carrier!

  • Concerned Consumer - No "Arthritis Pain Relief" for me.

    This "dream cream" did not work for my arthritis. I used it on my shoulders, arms, and neck for almost a month - no relief

  • TDaddy - Frustrating!!

    I spent 20 minutes reviewIng and practicing the installation video and carefully followed the instructions. It seemed a pretty smart way to put on the protector until I realized too late this was designed by some Phd. attempting to make it foolproof. The protector misaligned slightly and carefully pulled it up no problem but the 2nd plastic cover came off with a very light touch while the protector was starting to cling to the phone. By that time I had collected too much dust and it was all going downhill very fast. I was left with a crappy installation but decided to use the other one for my wife's new phone. I did not use the method the seller suggested.