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CHI Conferences - Your Life Science Network - Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI) is the leader in conference and event development and management for the life sciences industry. Since 1992, CHI has been offering the life sciences community specialized information through its conferences and integrated portfolio of products and has produced over 500 conferences attracting more than 50,000 attendees from around the world ranging from leading researchers and business experts from top pharmaceutical, biotech, CROs, academia, and niche service providers.

  • http://www.healthtech.com/Lead-Gen/ CHI Conferences - Your Life Science Network - Cambridge Healthtech Institute' s Global Web Symposia offer real-time instruction by top leaders in the field on being a prepared project leader, regulatory expections for comparability during process optimization and scale-up, and much more! Discussion topics include: Roles of a Project Leader What is the Optimal Project Leader Skill Set and how to develop it In moving out of your comfort zone from line manager to project leader, you can manage in other lines with “adequate” authority The Emotional Intelligence and Communication Skills of Prepared Project Leaders Partnering with Line Managers, the bosses of your team reps Critical Quality Attributes-what are they and how do you control them during process scale-up? How is scale-up likely to change your product? How big an impact does a change in production cell line have? Case studies to provide a roadmap for the critical issues facing companies today as they rigorously try to meet regulatory expectations Comparable is NOT identical-we’ll describe what changes are good, what ones are neutral, and what is unacceptable in today’s environment. Yield and purity requirements-the sliding scale throughout the development cycle Register today for one of our cutting-edge global web symposia!

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  • Sam B. - **SNORE**

    This game completely ruins Monopoly. No trading, no building resources, and no strategy. You are mercilessly at the will of the cards and dice, like never before. Regular Monopoly gives you some hope. This Monopoly doesn't. The game might be much faster, but you are just taking a backseat to the movement of the pieces. NOT FUN.

  • C. Morris - Works as it should

    Pretty simple - this works great for attaching my car seat to my BOB! Great way to use this with an infant until he or she can ride in it as normal.

  • ceigna - Useful guide for vacation planning

    We got this recently before our vacation so we can read up on some of the sights to see in the cities we were going to visit. One can argue that guide books are obsolete in this day and age when most of the same information can be easily found at no cost on the internet. But I do think it was helpful and convenient to us to have a guide that have most of the famous and popular attractions gathered in one volume. It even gave us some ideas into going to sights we hadn't known about before reading the book (the piazza overlooking Florence comes to mind). Some of the tips in the book was also helpful, such as booking in advance for some of the major attractions. For example, we booked our tickets to see Michelangelo's David before we left home and was able to avoid the long line at the ticket office. Other tips such as which transportation to take once we got off the train in Venice and where to get tickets for said transportation was also helpful.