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Healthways Medical Group | Whittier, CA - Healthways Medical Group offers chiropractic care and nonsurgical pain relief for neck, back, shoulder, knee, foot pain and more.

  • http://www.healthways1.com/office/photo-gallery Photo Tour of our office in Whittier CA - Healthways Medical Group offers nonsurgical pain relief for neck, back, shoulder, knee and foot pain. We treat arthritis, tendonitis, disc problems, plantarfasc
  • http://www.healthways1.com/office/whittier-location Our Office - Whittier, CA - Chiropractic and Pain Management - Type your address in the field below the map and click GET ROUTE for printable driving directions.     Office Photos Click below to enlarge the photo.    
  • http://www.healthways1.com/providers Pain Management Doctors in Whittier and Los Angeles, CA - Meet our experienced providers in the fields of general medicine, pain management, podiatry, chiropractic and physical therapy.
  • http://www.healthways1.com/blog Healthways Pain Management Blog - Pain Doctor California - Learn about pain management, conditions, orthopedics and more in Heathways' Blog.
  • http://www.healthways1.com/services/conditions-we-treat Conditions We Treat at Healthways Medical Group - Providing treatment in Whittier CA for a variety of conditions, including muscle and joint pains of the neck, back, knee, shoulder, and foot and ankle.
  • http://www.healthways1.com/services/medical-services/chiropractic Chiropractic Care in Whittier CA - Chiropractor - We specialize in chiropractic care for spine conditions including low back pain, arthritis, scoliosis, herniated disc, myofascial pain, facet syndrome, and more
  • http://www.healthways1.com/services/medical-services/prp-therapy PRP Therapy -       What is PRP? PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and is a nonsurgical medical procedure that harvests and concentrates the platelets within a persons blood and introduces them into the areas
  • http://www.healthways1.com/services/medical-services/general-medicine General Medicine - General medicine is the medical specialty dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. Physicians specializing in internal medicine are called internists, or physicians Phy
  • http://www.healthways1.com/services/medical-services/physical-therapy Physical Therapy - What is physical therapy? Physical therapy also known as physical medicine involves the use of machines and therapeutic procedures to aid in the treatment of mechanical body diseases and injuries.  A
  • http://www.healthways1.com/services/medical-services/knee-pain Knee Pain - Healthways Medical Group offers nonsurgical pain relief for neck, back, shoulder, knee and foot pain. We treat arthritis, tendonitis, disc problems, plantarfascitis, migraine and muscle tension. We also offer physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition and medical aesthetics.
  • http://www.healthways1.com/for-patients/forms Forms and Policies - We accept: PPO Insurance Medicare Mastercard Visa American Express Discover Cash Payments are due at the time of service. Please call (562) 698-7161 to make an appointment. Any changes or cancellation
  • http://www.healthways1.com/contact Contact Healthways Medical Group - Please call (562) 698-7161 to make an appointment, or fill out the form below to make a request. Any changes or cancellations to an appointment must be made 24 hours prior to the original appointment
  • http://www.healthways1.com/trigger-point-treatment Trigger Point Treatment - Trigger point injection is a medical procedure used to treat painful areas of muscle that contain trigger points.         What are trigger points? Trigger points are localized hyperirritable spots

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    Had bad dims, Had to return, Bought the Sabertooh X99 and bam, it had bad dims, So returned it,2nd one was perfect.

  • George I. Roberts - Henckels International Everedge 13-Piece Knife Set

    Don't let the brand name fool you. This is a really cheap set of knives and I am shocked that Henckels would even put their name on it. The blades are thin and the handles are poor as well. Seems like the kind of knives you'd buy in a pinch at the supermarket. It may seem like a great deal, but it really isn't when you have to trash it and buy a better set.

  • Vito Cristiano - I hate it

    The instructions are lousy consequently could not use this product. I do not know the language used in writing the instructions. The sellers should review the instructions their products before selling htem

  • georg - 70% removal of severe tartar build (9 years) within 27 days

    70% removal of severe tartar build up in the last 27 days! Used the product exactly as directed. Unbelievable results does not begin to describe the improvement. A note to pet owners: I always gave my dog a hard large dry dog biscuit after his moist meal. Checked his teeth regularly and the canine's and front teeth were sparkling clean. I thought I had discovered a tartar control system. However, one day - I looked at his back molars - completely encrusted with tartar, so much so that they appeared as one tooth rather than two. Speechless does not begin to convey my reaction - I was appalled at my lack of knowledge of the tartar condition and my lack of due diligence. I will continue the gel as directed for my older guy and am also using it as directed for my younger dog to prevent damaging tartar build up in her future. The risks of general anesthesia necessary for adequate removal of tartar and general oral care are substantial and can lead to suffering and the death of your pet. Finally, I am not aware of any such gel or treatment for human tartar build up on the market today although there are a multitude of toothpastes, mouth washes, etc. advertised. If there were a similar gel product as Tropiclean Fresh Breath Plaque Remover on the market for humans, I know my dental cleaning costs would be substantially reduced. I highly recommend this product and strongly suggest that you begin using this gel as directed when you pet is an adult, once or twice a week, to prevent the damaging effects, health and financially, of tartar build up on your best friends teeth.

  • Timothy J McMullen - Awesome shake

    I have tried COUNTLESS meal replacements and protein powders over this years. This one tastes the best. Theres just no other way to put it. Its near a dessert for me, and it makes my diet SO SO much easier. I use this 1-22 times per day, do 2-30 minutes of workout per day with weights, then take my atrafex