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  • DeAndre Towns - My absolutely favorite latin machete

    So this is actually my 5th Aranyik blade and I have actually been wanting to get this Latin Machete for a while now. From everything I had read and seen of it, it looked impressive. And having handled a few other products, I knew what to expect as far as quality and performance. However, none of the other Aranyik products I currently have prepared me for this thing!

  • s.dan - GREAT PRODUCT

    Love this product. I'm of african heritage and have relaxed hair which I coloured Last year February for the 1st time, Even before the colour my hair was always dry and my ends were always frizzy . After using this product the improvement on my hair was soo great that the next time i went to see ny hairdresser she asked me to get some for her, too. Never going back to Shampoo AGAIN.

  • Lauren B. - I love the idea of this item

    I love the idea of this item. I enjoyed the variety of pictures with which to color. What I did not like was the messy drawings. Patterns could not be kept because things would randomly be out of place, such as a single flower petal, or a specific shape that suddenly didn't match. If you were trying to keep a particular color scheme, with how detailed these pictures are, it throws the entire balance out of whack if you do not catch it in time. I did not like that, and it made me not want to finish.

  • Lisa Eight - Mileage is up 20%

    Given the reasonable cost and the ease of putting this on, this is a no-brainer for keeping anything in the truck bed secure and dry. With the tailgate locked you can't get into the truck bed without cutting the canvas, and we have no leaks. We do have a bed liner and this made the fit loose in a couple spots, but my husband tightened it with a couple bungee cords and now it's fine.

  • F. Brown - A godsend!

    I was getting really stressed out about my dog's teeth, which had hard plaque deposits. I've been trying for years to brush his teeth, and he would absolutely refuse. I took a chance on this product, and within a month of daily use, his teeth were white and smooth. Now I use once a day for maintenance. A small bottle that lasts many months. Just squeeze on your index finger to rub on dog's left teeth, and another squeeze for the right teeth. Easy and effective.