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Hectorol® (doxercalciferol) capsules and injection | Official Site - Hectorol is indicated for the treatment of secondary hyperparathyroidism (SHPT) in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) on dialysis.

  • http://www.hectorol.com/aboutthedisease About SHPT Patients with CKD  | Hectorol® (doxercalciferol) - Learn about chronic kidney disease (CKD) and the different stages of CKD as well as secondary hyperparathyroidism (SHPT).
  • http://www.hectorol.com/roleofvitamind CKD and Vitamin D  | Hectorol® (doxercalciferol) - Understand the role of Vitamin D and why it is an important hormone for patients with chronic kidney disease.
  • http://www.hectorol.com/takinghectorol Taking Hectorol®  (doxercalciferol) capsules and injection - If you are on hemodialysis, Hectorol will be injected during dialysis. If you are on home therapy you may be taking Hectorol capsules (as prescribed).

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  • Karen - Great book, but not completely accurate

    I like this book a lot. I have recommended it to others who have yeast problems. The reason is this. I have been living with a yeast problem for 35 years. I believe that the authors are 100% accurate about what foods to eat, and what foods to avoid. It was from book that I learned about raw cultured vegetables and Stevia many years ago. They also give other tips that one with this condition often over looks, such as the importance of not eating until you are full and telling you to eat kefir instead of yogurt and why it is better for you. HOWEVER, the rest of the information is just esoteric, non-proven theories (all of which I have tried over the years) that will just make your life (and diet) more complicated and stressful. They will NOT improve your health. I am talking about theories like, balancing your foods according to yin and yang - expansive and contractive (which I did for several years while I was on the macrobiotic diet), and food combining such as only eating certain foods with certain foods (which I did for an entire year when I ate only raw foods). Also, ignore the chapter on eating for your blood type. This theory is bulls*** and many doctors - both holistic and traditional - have written about that fact. Our blood type has absolutely nothing to do with how we digest our food. I also have a problem with the authors desire to sell us her products. Especially her green powder which actually made me feel worse.

  • Amazon Customer - One Star

    Don't be fooled by this cause everyone you know uses it and the non "Amazon verified purchases"

  • Katie - Must Buy

    Perfect organizer for my stroller! fits my water, phone, etc. great and snug so things aren't moving and shifting around while I'm walking.