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  • Edward J. Schwahl - Hydrophobic Dust

    Lets be honest, it's not really a coating. You spray it on whatever you want but it's just a thin layer of powder. Its sticky enough to cling to something but it comes off if you touch it, or if a light breeze happens upon it. It just sucks. Don't waste your time or your money. Don't spray it on anything valuable either.

  • indieblack - For Introduction to Technology in Information Professions

    This book is excellent! It's not the current edition, but if you are at all familiar with computers, you should be fine. It covers many topics in detail with short, digestible paragraphs. This book was not required, but suggested for the course. However, I am really happy that I purchased it, as it will help me with the basics in other tech classes (I plan on taking a programming class, and this has some basic definitions.)

  • Jonathan Blake - Great Board

    One of my T_SENSOR 1 pins were mashed flat when I started to assemble my computer. The pin wasn't used, so I wasn't too worried. The BIOS were also not functioning correctly at startup. When you would leave the main menu, the next screen would come up but the main menu was still overlapping what you were trying to look at. After installing Windows, I realized I would need to fix my BIOS due to a fatal error each time trying to load Windows. Flashed everything back to new and BIOS worked. Now that I've gotten the bad out of the way, you can tell I left this at 5 for 5 stars. That's because apart from those issues, this thing is amazing. I love everything about it. My computer benchmarked in the top 1% on 3DMark. The instructions, while they do jump around, are fantastic. Every question I had was answered by the manual. This board also comes with pretty nice software that makes tweaking and monitoring easy... Even from your phone.


    Oh, "before" you go! I didn't read the Poo-Pourri directions. As I was spraying it, afterwards, around my toilet, as my wife walked by, oops. I thought it was an aerosol like Febreze. She yelled, "What are you doing!" I should point out that she recently stripped and waxed my bathroom floor - no metaphor intended here - honest. Oily droplets were falling to the floor, making a mess. Well, I cleaned it up, grabbed my glasses, and read the directions.

  • sashamehra - I like it bc the kids loved it

    I read it out loud at a story time, and the kids were MEZMORIZED. When the big foot stomped down, they started whispering "giant...it's a giant!" I read it in a whim, and I didn't think they would get into it at all because it relies on the pictures, not the narrative, but there must be something to it because they loved it.

  • Linda R. Martin - Didn't Work Well for Me

    I had high hopes for this prodict but it just made my pores more visible and didn't do a good job covering the red. I had to wash my face and start over. I wouldn't recommend this product.