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Home Page - Heritage Family Medicine provides the best of old fashioned personalized healthcare, coupled with modern techniques. Located in West Olympia, close to the Capital Medical Center, Heritage Family Medicine delivers compassionate board-certified care to men, women and children. Lab and x-ray services on site, same or next-day appointments are guaranteed, if ill. Open Mon - Fri, including evenings on Tues & Thurs.

  • http://www.heritagefamilymedicine.com/ABOUT_US.php ABOUT US - Whether in the office, by telephone, or by e-Consult, our aim is to meet your medical needs promptly and efficiently at Heritage Family Medicine. We provide the best of old fashioned care coupled with modern techniques for men, women and children.
  • http://www.heritagefamilymedicine.com/Our_Founding_Principles.php Our Founding Principles - Heritage Family Medicine provides the best of old fashioned personalized healthcare, coupled with modern techniques in the newest of settings. We deliver compassionate board-certified care to men, women and children. Same, or next day appointments guaranteed, if ill. Lab and x-ray services are located on-site in our state-of-the-art facility in Olympia, Washington.
  • http://www.heritagefamilymedicine.com/PAY_YOUR_BILL_ONLINE.php PAY YOUR BILL ONLINE - Heritage Family Medicine provides care for men, women and children of all ages. Our board certified MD, DO and ARNP's provide old fashioned personalized health care.

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  • james watt - Much better than cheap cap truck came with

    So much better than the cheap cap that came with truck. Ram should be ashamed and should contract with this company to supply all their new trucks.

  • D. Price - Everything Sandford Touches Turns to Gold

    He never fails to please. You feel like you live there. He captures the nuances of people and places in a way that only needs you to close your eyes to picture it.

  • 415man - The Best Bang (pun intended) for Your Buck!!!

    never thought i would write a review on this but here I am. I'm in my 60's now take levitra for ED. Still keep myself in shape and weigh the same I did 40 years ago. But time, wear and tear, agent orange exposure, stroke diabetes type II, high blood pressure, low test and the list goes on. I am not one to give in though and I still have my better half to please. So the quest for "sexual enhancement supplements for seniors" began. My first attempt was to over come ED, hence the levitra but its not a sexual stimulant. I tried several testosterone boosters and now take prescription testosterone gel along with a test booster. The next thing was to deal with really weak orgasms/ejaculations. So I tried the original Ogoplex formula and Bang! I think I even howled at the moon a few times when cumming...lol! Plus, the wife really noticed the increased excitement and ejaculation! Our sex life was back on! Then Ogoplex did something I'm not sure but the formula was changed and I noticed the decrease in intensity and sperm. I buy my supplements normally thru a well-known bodybuilding on'line seller and this is where I came across Ball refill. The intensity of orgasm and semen release increased all over again and at better levels than with the original ogoplex formula. I buy this product monthly as my experience has been that if I go without it, within 2 weeks things seem to be going backwards. Yeah, I know it sucks to have to take a pill for everything but thats life and as long as my wife is satisfied (and me too) its well worth the cost. A 4 Star rating until i find something better than Ball refill and a 5th Star for the low price. When you start comparing similar products and ingredients.....the best bang (pun intended) for your buck!!! As with any supplement, not all pills work the same for everyone....this one just happend to work for me. Ive been using for over 3 years!

  • Hans B - Very good value treadmill.

    I have had the treadmill for over three months now and I would say that it was a good purchase. We were looking for a reasonably priced treadmill, with a solid platform, a low step-up height, and 3.0+ hp. I am 5'9", 160 lbs and run 3-4 times a week. I would say that this treadmill is very sturdy and more than meets my needs. It's easy to use and functions very well. Based on our search this was lowest priced treadmill with a sturdy looking base. My complaints are that the treadmill changes speeds slowly (likely due to only a 3.25 hp motor), the screens and buttons are little too vertical meaning you have to run forward a bit to be able to comfortably use the interface, and because the control console is too far forward the fans are pretty much useless, unless you are very tall. Overall, I would recommend this treadmill because it is a very good value and seems like it will hold up over time.

  • Jeremy - great case

    actually ordered as backup to my other case that wont be in for a month but this case is AWESOME quality and protects well without being huge .. nice job Spigen

  • Jamie Sturm - This product worked awesome for me

    This product worked awesome for me, 2008 Jeep. I couldn't find anything else wrong and was going to replace the Cataletic converters (2 of them on this Jeep) and the lowest price I could find was $1900.00. This was a last ditch try and it has worked great so far.