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Home - High Street X Ray is an independently owned radiology practice with the ability to make independent decisions to serve patients and referring clinicians.

  • http://www.highstxray.com.au/services/patients/ For Patients - CT Cardiac Calcium score is a non-invasive test used to provide an estimation of the amount of coronary artery plaque a patient may have.
  • http://www.highstxray.com.au/services/patients/computerised-tomography-ct/ Computerised Tomography - High Street Xray - Computerised Tomography uses an X-Ray machine and advanced computer programs to create two and three dimensional images of your body.
  • http://www.highstxray.com.au/services/patients/mri-scan/ MRI Scan - High Street Xray - MRI scans use a strong magnetic field and pulses to create high resolution images of selected anatomy and injury present with exquisite and precise detail.
  • http://www.highstxray.com.au/services/patients/ultrasound/ Ultrasound - High Street Xray - An Ultrasound scan uses high frequency sound waves to create pictures of soft tissues (eg. muscles, tendons, glands) and organs inside the body.
  • http://www.highstxray.com.au/services/patients/bone-densitometry/ Bone Densitometry - High Street Xray - Bone densitometry is a scan which uses low energy X-Rays to measure the density of your bone. It is used to diagnose osteoporosis and assess your risk.
  • http://www.highstxray.com.au/services/patients/orthopantomogram/ Orthopantomogram - High Street Xray - An orthopantomogram is a rotational panoramic dental X-Ray that allows the dentist to view the upper and lower jaws.
  • http://www.highstxray.com.au/services/patients/cardiac-calcium-score/ Cardiac Calcium Score - High Street Xray - CT Cardiac Calcium score is a test used to provide an estimation of the amount of coronary artery plaque a patient may have by using a CT scanner.
  • http://www.highstxray.com.au/services/patients/interventional-procedures/ What is a Joint Injection? - The aim of a joint injection is to local anaesthetic medication into a joint or soft tissue to reduce the inflammation and provide pain relief.
  • http://www.highstxray.com.au/services/patients/non-invasive-vascular-imaging/ What is a Doppler Ultrasound Scan? - A Doppler ultrasound test uses reflected sound waves to see how blood flows through a blood vessel.
  • http://www.highstxray.com.au/services/patients/oncology-cancer-imaging/ Biopsy and FNA - A biopsy involves the use of a larger needle which removes a solid core of tissue (also called a core biopsy) and is therefore slightly more invasive.
  • http://www.highstxray.com.au/services/patients/nuclear-medicine/ Nuclear Medicine - Nuclear Medicine involves an injection of a small amount of radioactive tracer that shows the function and structure of the human body.
  • http://www.highstxray.com.au/services/referrers/accessing-images/ Accessing images and reports - High St Xray - High St Xray aims to provide a number of methods for referring doctors to access their patients’ reports and images.
  • http://www.highstxray.com.au/services/referrers/referral-pads/ Referral Pads - High Street Xray - Referring doctors may also complete the web form below to order new High St Xray referral pads. We will arrange delivery as soon as possible.
  • http://www.highstxray.com.au/radiologists/ Radiologists - High Street Xray - In an era when there is an expectation that radiologists have sub-specialist skills, the High St Xray radiology team is qualified in the latest technology.

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