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Hydrea Thermpipe – Energie uit het riool - Warmte terugwinnen uit afvalwater? Dat kan met de Hydrea Thermpipe. 150 Meter van deze rioolbuis is in staat om 100 woningen te verwarmen. En dat met minimale investeringen, want de Hydrea Thermpipe met zijn ingebouwde warmtewisselaar en betonnen buitenmantel vervangt moeiteloos een traditionele rioolbuis. Het systeem is toe te passen als boorbuis, drukbuis of traditionele legbuis. De onderhoudsarme constructie en de levensduur van 100 jaar garanderen bovendien lage lifecycle kosten. Zo slaat u twee vliegen in één klap: een hoogwaardige vervanging van uw oude riolering en een forse besparing van het energieverbruik, met als resultaat een lagere CO2-uitstoot.

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • Velvetspyramid - Truly a moisturizer for all skin types

    This is one of the few moisturizers I can use and see any benefit. I have extremely difficult skin - it seems very dry but as soon as I use a moisturizer, I end up with pimples. Hope in a Jar is made for all skin types and I can testify to that. It helps dry skin without encouraging blemishes. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5, is that, after several years of use, it seems to not work quite as well for me. However this may be because my skin is getting drier as I get older.

  • Mr.Chris - Game is 9/10 the cable it comes with is 5/10 overall fun 10/10 BUT YOU NEED A REAL GUITAR

    The game is a great game but seriously beware of the cable. I bought this for the ps3 thinking that it was a really good buy and then the cable malfunctioned, if this happens it makes the game worthless. DONT let that deter your purchase, just keep your receipt and if your playing this game and all the sudden it stops working return the cable. amazon and Ubi soft is really good in dealing with faulty equipment, or at least with me. This game is guitar hero for people who wanna have fun, learn guitar and be awesome. I bought this game and a guitar and with no experience I have learned how to play very basic stuff quickly, and im uncoordinated and not very bright. Fun and appropriate for all ages

  • Sweet hopes - BE AWARE: Amazing Herbs is cheating on the Premium quality (which is the 1 u'll receive, unlike pictured) is poor poor quality!

    Amazing Herbs was making the good black seed oil, talking about the Standard quality, as they started with the Premium quality, they ruined it, it's all different, taste is much lighter, effectiveness is way too poor, I felt so bad about it, I did order from different stores & always received the Premium even if the picture shows the Standard, when I asked I was told amazing Herbs doesn't make the Standard anymore. I had to order from different brands that are more expensive, but I'm sure I get the good stuff.

  • Jamie L. Whitaker - Quality Product that works.

    My wife urged me to begin taking something to support my liver and she chose 1 Body Liver Support. I am on my second bottle of it and so far, am beginning to feel and see the changes my diet and exercise plan combined with this support has done for me. If you are looking for the support for your liver without being bombarded with a ton of support pills, then this is the supplement you are looking for. Make sure you increase your water intake, eat healthy Real food, and exercise daily and you are guaranteed results. It has helped me so much that my wife is now taking them as well. I honestly cannot wait to see my next liver panel studies to see how it has helped me. Looking forward to reviewing other products by 1 Body as well.

  • Allan D. Bennett - Fine for the basics but very clunky.

    I have used Quicken Home and Business for several years and update the software at least every 2 years. From my standpoint, the strengths and weaknesses of the program haven't changed much over time. I am most satisfied with the download capabilities, both for transactions and securities prices.