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  • David Thatcher - It works!

    Since having a baby in March 09, my wife has been troubled by frequent nausea and diarrhea with abdominal pain. Sometimes it would get so bad she would just curl up in a ball on the living room floor and not want to talk or anything. We went to the doctor who ran all sorts of blood tests and an abdominal ultrasound which showed nothing. We were very much despairing as it was becoming debilitating for my wife.

  • Ennay - The best for diaper AND excema/psoriasis

    I got it originally for stubborn diaper rash...1 treatment and it would be gone. Then my daughter started getting psoriasis or excema and non of the standard treatments worked, she had painfully itchy rash on her legs and feet - scaly dry skin. Aquaphor only helped a little and it was messy - I tried the triple paste and immediate improvement and best of all if I put it on her before bed, it absorbs over night and I dont have to put it on during the day

  • Open-Minded MD - infomercial

    I bought this book because a colleague recommended it. The theory is interesting enough - that the earth's electromagnetic field has potential healing qualities. I was and remain prepared to accept the premise. However, there is no significant science presented in the book. Rather it consists of a series of anecdotes and reports of studies done with minimal scientific rigor on a handful of people. I resent is the implicit message of the book: that everyone needs to buy some stuff, conveniently sold on the authors' website, conveniently listed in the Appendix.

  • Krista Edmonds - Can't get tattooed without this product!

    Totally helps my tattoo healing process and seems like they heal twice as fast. I am working on a huge back piece so this product feels nice, no build up, and immediately absorbs into skin. I recommend it for anyone getting tattoos regularly that values a great product.

  • John V Magisano - Excellent Cooler

    OK the short review is a great success reducing my 100% CPU utilization temperature by approximately 30 degrees C.

  • rob mccoy - working great for me

    works great! I've lost 21 lbs in six weeks and it has curbed my appetite. I'm not eating as big of meals and no more snacking. I've tried other pills with no weight loss. I take three pills in the morning before breakfast and thats it. I've lost 3 to 4 lbs every week since i started. I've lost 21 lbs in six weeks and i can see me easily lose 29 more to get to my goal.