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IAPPC Irish Association for Psychotherapy in Primary Care Ireland - The Association was established following the publication in 2006 of the report of the 'Expert Group on Mental Health' entitled 'A Vision for Change'. This report which was adopted in full as Government policy and accepted by each of the opposition parties, sets out clearly the key role of psychotherapy within the general healthcare system and in particular within primary care. The objective of the IAPPC is to facilitate the co-operation, mutual understanding and shared purpose between the psychotherapy profession and the medical profession anticipated by 'A Vision for Change'.

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  • Rainbow911 - Mostly as advertised

    Works MOSTLY as advertised. The chopper is great and a nice replacement for my mini chopper. The individual cup blenders do in fact blend most everything to a liquid form. The individual cups blade works VERY fast; with only a 2-3 second pulse can grind a cup of ice to shavings. It does leave a very fine pulp for solid foods, such as carrots, but otherwise does very well. The big blender works but does NOT blend solids to a liquid form like the individual cups do. Commercials advertise using the blender exactly the same as the cups, but that's not accurate. It works pretty much as your average blender would work. If you're trying to make a health shake with veggies and fruits, use the cups because the blender will not do the job. The great thing about the blender blade design is that it blend thicker substances together, where as a regular blender blade would just spin in the bottom without combining the whole product.

  • paul m dupont - Easy to use and it coats corners and small areas ...

    I was worried two bottles would not be enough to coat all 10 large window shutters, but we finished with over a half bottle left. Easy to use and it coats corners and small areas without much trouble. This was done almost two months ago and the shutters still look nice and dark blue. Time will tell how long the color lasts, but so far, so good.

  • phlashlite - You need this

    If you're in the market for Microsoft Office software, then you need this product. Arrived on time and as advertised. I purchased this version because the new generation of Microsoft Office (Microsoft Office 360) is subscription based, and I don't want to be stuck with having to pay for a subscription in order to use MS Office apps. Eventually support might wane as things go forward, but I imagine MS Office 2010 will be viable for years to come. I would buy from this seller as the transaction was smooth and the product was as advertised.

  • Amazon Customer - Stay away

    Horrible! I tried it because my boyfriend loves their products. After a week of using the fat burner and toner my chest felt tight. Then a week later I started burping uncontrollably all day long for a whole week! I had never burped so loud or so much in my life. I also felt nauseous and a horrible taste in my mouth. I stopped the product to see if it helped. A month later and I can say it's a lot better there's a few instances where I feel some burps trapped in my throat and have to force them out but feel much better. I am a very active athlete. I work out everyday and I thought this would help. I didn't notice any differences and it just made my stomach messed up. It might work for a minimal amount of people but I wish I had never tried it. I hope all the effects go away completely. Just a reminder I never burped! I could count on my hands how much I had burped before this product. I would be in class and couldn't stop it.But it wasn't the burping that was horrible but also the feeling.

  • E. Morgan - It works!

    When I used this the first time, it seemed to make my hair worse. After I washed my hair the second time, my severely damaged hair was silky smooth. This product does stink. I put it on, blow dry my hair for five minutes, leave it on for 15 more minutes and then wash and condition my hair. I do this at night and when it air dries it makes my hair kinky. But, when I wet and style my hair in the morning with the blowdryer, my hair turns out great. I use argon oil too and I highly recommend it. I was desperate to find a product that could restore my damaged hair and I'm happy to report that I've found it with Ojon!

  • New lines for music. - New lines for music.

    I can't believe they wrote it in 92! This CD is a masterpiece. Every song is appealing and Unfinished sympathy is one of the best songs of the 90's. That's a shame they went so soft with Protection and so hard with Mezzanine after this!