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  • Jessica K. - I like this body wash because it's all natural

    I'm really liking these 3-in-1 products from Pure Body Naturals. I've been using the lavender one, I've used it as both a body wash and shampoo. When I saw a lingonberry version I jumped right on it! I like this body wash because it's all natural. There are no fake fragrances, and it's organic. I have extremely sensitive skin, I will break out in deep cysts when I use products that contain artificial fragrance or harsh chemicals. I have not had any breakouts since using this product.

  • Captain J.S.N.G. - WHAT DID I DO TO MY FLOOR???

    I am so sorry I ever bought this product because I just spent the past 4 hours trying to get it off of my white ceramic tile kitchen floor. I applied the product yesterday after washing and steaming the floor clean. It looked nice and shiny and wasn't slippery at all. I was pleased. But when my company came and began to walk on the floor, it started to get dirty and blotchy. I tried to wash it after they left, but it was impossible to get the dirt up. So I got my steamer out, but that made it worse! I had clumps of waxy build up collecting in some areas and spots where it wouldn't come off at all in others. It looked like someone had spread a super fine layer of candle wax all over the floor! It was horrible. So today I soaked the floor with ammonia-based products and rinsed. No change. Then I tried vinegar. No change. Then I tried bleach. By that time, I had washed and rinsed the floor about 4 times. I finally got the product to come up with a combo of washing and then immediately steaming a small section at a time, followed by scrubbing the floor with magic eraser. It is much better now but the waxy film is still left in some spots and it's all caked in the grout like a white candle wax.