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Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Huelva - Bienvenidos al Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Huelva , desde el Colegio ofrecemos un amplio catálogo de servicios para colegiados y ciudadanos.

Country:, Europe, ES

City: -5.4505 Cadiz, Spain

  • zach - Great Toy.

    Our son has several Hess truck products and he loves them all. As a typical boy he plays very hard with his toys and all this Hess products have held up very well over the years. The lights and sounds also make the Hess products extra fun to play with.

  • Robbie - This is a good thing though

    This won't shrink your waistline, but it will strengthen it. The only way to shrink your waist line is by losing the fat. Working out your abs will make it larger (hypertrophy of the muscles). This is a good thing though, because our core is the most important muscle group for almost everything we do. I would suggest using this 5 times a week, and after your normal abs exercises. You should notice some core strength gains in a few weeks.

  • Dakota - Amazon took care of it

    I originally got this to study to retake my asvab after switching branches. After I read it I learned that I didn't need to take the test. So Amazon took it back for me. But this is a must get book. Some of the questions are not as hard as what the real questions are.

  • Kevin M. - Nothing but disappointment

    I have a five year old Shih-tzu who has had some problems with red gums and terrible breath, despite the fact that I feed him good dog food with no corn or other unwanted additives. After seeing a video advertisement on this product at a local pet store, I decided to give this product a shot. I used the product for over a month. According to the product information, I should have seen tremendous improvements within a month. Needless to say, I not only saw no improvements, but my dogs condition got worse. After using this product my dog not only had no improvement with his bad breath, but his teeth became even more agitated from the treatment and it hurt him to chew. I have stopped the treatment and he seems to have less pain now. I have had his teeth cleaned again, and I am still looking for a product that will actually work. I can deal with his breath, but I worry but the health of is teeth and gums. It is a shame that so many products claim to work and seldom do. I advise anyone looking for a helpful product to look elsewhere. Tropiclean fresh breath is terrible. :(

  • nadeshiko - I cannot ask anything better than this

    I have been looking for crossbars for my Highlander and I came across this after looking through name brand crossbars (with some sticker shock!) to be mounted ON TOP OF the pre-installed side rails. Many reviewers of those products complained about the wind noise. So, I was very pleased to find this product, which gives my car the factory installed look, and on top of it, the crossbars slides through the groove of the side rails avoiding the (to me) ugly look of the other crossbars. I was fully aware that many reviewers of this product expressed some difficulties installing this product (or removing the covers of the side rails). But the price is right, the look is right, I thought and I placed an order hoping that installation will be easier than described.

  • L. Cuervo - Download failed

    The "download" never downloaded, even with the help of Amazon tech support. I had to get a refund (very rarely done for downloaded software) and buy a physical disc. This cost twice as much. Don't know what happened this year. I've been downloading H&R for at least two years now. Same computer, same Amazon.