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  • Misty - Great product!

    I bought these Transformation diet drops after researching Nutrimost. After finding out that Nutrimost was going to cost me close to $2, 000 and that they use drops very similar if not identical to this product, obviously this was the better deal! I don't need to pay $2,000 to be put on a 500 calorie a day diet, I can do that on my own. The first week I got these drops I did lose .5 a lb to 1 lb a day. I then didn't take the drops for a few days and my weight loss stopped. I have to believe that it is not a coincidence that I was losing weight while taking the drops and my weight loss stalled when I stopped. I have not noticed any adverse side affects and the drops barely have any taste. Also very satisfied with the seller, the product arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

  • ameme - Yay. I love this stuff.

    I started using this awhile ago and wanted to get some more, but so many places it costs way too much. I'm so happy I found this one. This stuff is amazing. I have weird, complicated hair. Seriously. It straight in the very front, the wavy and curly..Yeah, I have mixed hair, and no not just black and white. Anyway this is one of the best products you can ever own.

  • BlondiegirlDG - Works great!

    I used to buy this from my Dentist but it got too expensive. So I started looking around for a cheaper price and found it on Amazon. Works great and brightens my teeth a few shades. Love love love it!

  • Jocelyn Cocain - SEVERE stomach pains

    I have used this for quite some time now and decided it just is not worth it. It has given me such severe stomach pains that it literally wakes me up at night and keeps me up. At first, I thought it was normal - that it was just breaking down what needed to be done. I was hopeful this would help me, but it is not worth the pain and cramping it has put me through.