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  • Caroline Smock - I needed a stroller that I could close one-handed (the ...

    I needed a stroller that I could close one-handed (the other hand is holding my one-yr-old's hand). This is not it.

  • K & J - We love it, helps with muscle soreness!

    We love this stuff! My kids will sometimes get sore legs from all the running around they do so I will mix a little of this into some juice or some kidz emergen-c & they are able to sleep all night without waking up crying for tylenol like they used to. My husband and I love to use it as well! It adds a little fizz so we like it in our emergen-c (which is already fizzy) or in a little juice (usually with kefir water). It's a little tricky to get the last couple of inches out of the container but not a big deal at all.


    My husband purchased a Nuface facial for me at an elegant hotel on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale Florida for Valentines Day. Along with the cost of the facial, a nuface machine and gel were included in the package. The instructions were clear and were followed consistently every night. I was hopeful that at age 59 it would help collage production and improve the elasticity of my skin. I used the product on my forehead and cheeks. After a few weeks, I began feeling eye strain and developing headaches. I went to see my eye doctor. He gave me eye drops which helped a little. The headaches and eye strain continued. Then, after a few weeks I noticed my mouth was extremely dry. I developed a salty taste in my mouth and could not crave my thirst. Being active and healthy my entire life, I could not understand what was going on. I am a nurse and these symptoms were affecting my work, my sleep, etc...The taste was so awful that I made an appointment with my PCP. Driving home one day I thought what is going on? What is happening to me? I've never, ever had a problem with my health or body. I exercise daily and eat very healthy. I tried to think of anything that I changed or started using within the past couple of months that might be the cause of these intolerable symptoms. All of a sudden it dawned on me...that ever since I had been using the device nightly (as instructed) these symptoms appeared and have worsened. I became concerned and stopped using it last week. My eyes are much better...my mouth is improving but still a little salty and dry but definitely better since I stopped using Nuface. I am seeing my PCP to check my blood to make sure there is no other medical issue however, I am concerned about what the electric impulses have done to me over the course of several months. I would be cautious about using this device until more research is done on the long lasting effects.

  • Eileen - Print Master Platinum 2012

    I have used Printmaster through almost all of the versions which is a very long time. Never have I had any problems using any of the other versions. This one is ABSOLUTLY IMPOSSIBLE to use unless are you hours and hours to spend creating anyone project. Then if you are lucky it will print out correctly. Otherwise you have wasted all your time. I have never been able to get print out a greeting card correctly. Neither has a computer enginer or spent several hours on my PC trying to get the program running correctly. Borderbund has just lost a long time luser as I could get no help from them at all with the program. The user manual online is of no help either. I wasted my money on this program and now have to buy another program to use with windows 7.

  • Rafael - Too many rules

    It is good but requires the assistance of a trained tax advisor. It needs re-reading. One find out that it is always possible to reduce taxation.