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In-Joy Life Chiropractic and Laser Care | Home - In-Joy Life Chiropractic and Laser Care, owned and operated by Dr. Thomas Burge, uses a combination of technology married with 20 plus years in the healthcare industry to thoroughly evaluate your current spinal and joint health issues and then with best recommendations guide and support you for your current and long term health goals.

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  • M. barter - dangerous product

    This product is dangerous! I wish I had purchased on this site so I could send it back without having to pay nearly $25.00 to send back the product that I used. If one has liver damage, heart disease or a myriad of other health problems, the fine print warns not to use it.

  • Moataz - Basically I hate games that are based on the online experience

    I have never played battlefield before, so this is the first one in the series. Basically I hate games that are based on the online experience. But this game is a masterpiece, this is the only thing I can say. I'm enjoying the campaign a lot as well as the online. It is addictive. Everything in this game is perfect. I can't find a single flaw. The gameplay so fluid, sounds, graphics, etc. you feel like being in a real war, meanwhile I like how Dice made the gamer feels bad about being involved in the war and that nobody will survive at the end. This was a clever idea. I'm in love with this game

  • Tiger & Lily - It really is the best tasting protein bar I've ever eaten- great texture and ...

    It really is the best tasting protein bar I've ever eaten- great texture and are quite filling. Only negative thing I can say is that they are a bit pricey.

  • Steve-O - The biggest leap in home gaming since the Atari 2600

    I was in junior high when the Atari home system was introduced and I've owned every PlayStation since they were released. PSVR is as big of a leap forward as the Atari was at its release.

  • SoggyNacho - Faster Healing of Skin Problems

    I don't take these regularly, but when I do, they seem to resolve any issues going on at the skin level. Having new crop ups of this or that, especially on my face, this will usually resolve the problem over several days. It isn't a wrinkle pill, as far as I can tell, but it really seems to help heal something that won't heal fast enough by your own body. I wish I knew more about what this collagen is supposed to do, but just what it does alone, is sufficient for me. The pills are very large, as others have noted, and they take a while to go down for digestion, which is one of the reasons I can't take this daily. If they were easier to break into halves that would resolve that issue, but they are larger than any multivitamin I have ever seen. I hope the manufacturer reads user reviews and create these in smaller pills, even if more must be taken for the recommended dosage. As a bonus, I somehow received a second bottle free, not ordered by me and delivered by separate shipment, so I will have a supply for some time.

  • Steven, PA - Good product

    This mount gets the job done, however, I would NEVER trust putting 165 lbs. on it. I had a 50" Plasma that weighed 80 pounds and when I extended the arms it sounded like it was going to pull the screws from the wall (And yes I had them in studs). It also appeared to bend the metal a bit. I went out a bought a 42" inch Plasma, only 38 lbs. and I feel much safer! I would recommend this product for lighter tv's, but could not do so for the heavier ones!