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  • R. King - I hate Intuit too - what a scam!

    While QB Payroll performs most - but not all - of the necessary payroll functions, Intuit's dishonest approach to selling this "program" is reprehensible! First, although not clearly stated in the product description details, this is a ONE Year subscription sold at a "bait and switch" price. After the first year, Intuit will automatically charge your credit card a much higher price to renew the service (even without your approval). The only way to keep using the program without paying an insane annual fee is to re-purchase the retail boxed version of the program each year and then go through Intuit's support maze to try to activate the new subscription. I just spent (wasted) over an hour spread over several days on the phone with Intuit trying to activate my new program. The price for this version has fluctuated between $45 and $129 on Amazon over the past 12 months - if I raised my prices by 186% over one year I wouldn't need Quickbooks because I would be out of business! Further, one would expect that a payroll software program would perform basic payroll functions like direct deposit, print year end W-2's and tax forms but NO you have to pay extra or buy the higher priced version to do these basic payroll functions. AAARRRGGGG!

  • Jules - Product WORTHLESS!!!! Seller communication Excellent!

    It turned on, it connected, then the actual coverage was HORRIBLE! It wouldn't even assist with opening regular email. Forget trying to connect to facebook or download anything small. It was WORTHLESS!

  • Dennis Cairns - The Proper Elixir!

    The story exhibits just the right blend of humor, insightfulness, and depth within a compelling, imaginative story line. I can’t wait to read more!

  • Manstudio Photography - Doesn't work and don't waste your money.

    I brought this way back, but i hesitated to write about the review. I shouldn't of brought it. Now, it is just sitting there paper wait. I only used it 2 times. They given me 2 batteries, I used one battery for each day. This thing is power hungry. I tried shutting off all the notification since i'm home doing nothing. Some reason, the battery dead before i realize it. Therefore, the battery drain and die very fast. The company decided to email me about giving me 5 batteries. I agreed with it and reply back please send it. I never heard a word about it ever again. I wish i can refund it, but maybe it is too late for that. I put inside the drawer and never use it or wanting to buy a battery and repeat the battery drain. I wish there is a zero stars rate. That's how bad this thing is.

  • Dorene Ramirez - Causes acid reflux

    Great but caused me acid reflux so I couldn't take it. I bought it for my pregnancy third trimester but the doctor said I don't need it especially if it's causing me acid.

  • Brendan E. Lee - Buy a couple, you'll definitely use them!

    I drive an older pathfinder that did not have bluetooth capability. This has provided me with the perfect way to stream my favorite pandora stations to my head unit. It pairs really quickly with my iphone 6 and even displays a battery indicator on my phone to alert me of how much power is left in the aukey unit. It comes with everything you would need to hook it up to a stereo or phone and is so small and lightweight that you could stash this anywhere without it being in the way. This may be the perfect solution to any bluetooth streaming scenario. The sound quality from the Bluetooth 3.0 protocol is leaps and bounds better than previous iterations and pretty much on par with a hardwired audio port connection.

  • Amazon Customer - History novice view

    I read this book because I was interested in learning more about English royal bloodlines in a way that is memorable. This book will definitely help me remember who Owen Tudor and Queen Catherine Voiles were. I was also interested to know why King Henry VII was not considered of an English royal bloodline, now I know. If you are interested in learning who these people were in an interesting memorable way you will enjoy this book.