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Iroko Pharmaceuticals - Iroko is dedicated to responsible pain management, with a pipeline of low-dose NSAIDs that are created using proprietary SoluMatrix Fine Particle Technology

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  • NancyC. - Beautiful ornament

    My daughter collects so it's one of her Christmas gifts every year.I've yet to hear she doesn't love the new one each year. They do have a beautiful sparkle an a nice weight to them

  • Bo Scott - My computer still got a infected with this program installed

    I purchased this and installed it on my computer. My computer still got infected and had to have it cleaned. This program did not do what it said it would. I cannot recommend. The price for the sell was great and got great service. I do recommend the seller just not this program

  • Lily - This is the only shampoo I use, the best everyday shampoo.

    I tried using the new Grow Strong garnier shampoo and it was just terrible: left a strong plastic-y residue and little latter. I don't think I'll ever go back to another shampoo. Whether or not it actually prevent breakage, I can't really be sure of. However, the quality is this shampoo is extremely nice and there is biotin in it's ingredients. That combination would lead me to believe that I'm better off using this shampoo for breakage than any other kinds in the market and I do notice that I tend to shed more whenever I switch to a different shampoo (because I ran out of the fall fight one). Please give it a try.

  • Spencer Carlson - Honest review from guy with lifelong hair loss

    I want to give an honest assessment because I know how hair loss affects each of us. I've been losing my hair since I was 20 and have done everything under the sun to fight it off. I've reached a point in my life, after some surgeries, where I've got about 30-40 percent density over the entire top of my head and a little less in the back. I have run out of donor hair and was stuck with either having to wear a hair system or use a masking product. When I first started using this I was prepared to give it a lower rating. It didn't seem to apply evenly and ran very easily with a little sweat or water. After applying it a dozen times it got easier and was more effective so don't necessarily give up after the first couple of tries.

  • J. Mckinney - Be Careful in upgrading TO QUICKBOOKS 2016!!!

    Upgraded from 2013. Have had less than one week and had three tech support calls already. First call, for installation: they had me modify .xml files so the installation could complete - apparently their software was written and not updated for newer machines with large amounts of RAM. Second call: could not open my data file (which was rebuilt just in case) required a repair of installation to get QuickBooks to open my file. Worked for one day made reconciliations. Next day opened up Quickbooks but it could not open up file. Finally tech support had me open up a backup file - so I lost a day's work. Just found up when I open up the back up file a click on an account it crashes. Will have to go back to Quickbooks 2013 and see if I can get my money back.