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Jaarmarkt Blokker - Home - Al jaren wordt er een jaarmarkt Blokker georganiseerd.Een gezellige markt met tientallen kraampjes en activiteiten voor grote en kleine bezoekers.

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • K. L. Graham - 2015 Ram 2500 Crew Cab

    They stay in place, look great, fit well and do their job. What else do you want from a set of floor mats?!

  • Jasmine Angulo - Beware!

    I purchased this and had to send it back! The cream gave me a horrible bumpy rush all over my stomach. I waited a week for the rash to go away and then applied a small portion to my side and surely the rash was back. Beware of the ingredients you may have an allergic reaction! Keep in mind I have no known allergies.

  • Mike D - Helped me kick cravings

    I purchase the challenge. Replaced my coffee and diet coke habit with Spark. I became more energetic and started participating in life around me. Lost 20# on the 24 day challenge but went on with it and lost 65# but gained a LOT of muscle. I 48, I feel better than I did at 35....or even 30. I did have a Niacin flush when I began but that ended soon. Also, I used to have frequent heart palpitations and that has stopped. My cholesterol and B/P are 50% better.

  • Peter Mccann - Good Alternative?

    I had very bad overall experiences with both Quickbooks and Sage/Peachtree. Surely these aren't the only two small business accounting/payroll providers out there. If so, the market is overdue some new competition. Anyone found a company that doesn't use extortionate billing tactics while providing abismal customer service? Please comment if you have. It looks like there are many of us looking for a decent company to deal with.