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Midwife Missoula, MT - Jeanne Hebl, C.N.M. Pregnancy, Prenatal, Maternity Care - Missoula, MT Midwife, Jeanne Hebl, C.N.M.. A unique, loving, natural childbirth solution for an expectant mother's pregnancy and her baby's prenatal development.

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  • C. J.Walter - I am actually seeing results with this product and the application is stimulating but does not leave your hair feeling greasy.

    I have used this product for a bit over a month and have enjoyed the stimulating feeling when applying to my scalp but have notice a healthier and increased volume.

  • Nicole McCormick - Awesome luxury stroller!

    My mother bought this stroller for us as a gift, otherwise there is no way we'd have such a luxury model. I've thanked her repeatedly since then because it is so practical and adaptable; it's the only stroller we use. The bassinet is perfect for our newborn, and is so much better for regulating her temperature this summer rather than just using her carseat all the time. The fabric is both plush and easily washable. The stroller frame is highly maneuverable and suitable for a number of terrains. I got the Chicco carseat adapter as well, and so eliminated the need for a snap and go. I would say, however, that both my husband and I are taller and more muscular type people, so the weight and bulk of the stroller frame isn't a draw back for us, but it might be for more petite people,

  • Dr. Uterus Turnbull - Nowhere near the same terror or fun as part one

    Ugh. This sucked in every possible way. The effects were top notch but seemed almost copy/pasted if that's possible. Writing/characters were almost inconsequential as this simply skipped along a path established by the past 20 years' of popular sci-fi. Obvious scenes and scenarios were stolen straight from films including Prometheus, Star Trek I & II, and Pacific Rim, making this a very predictable and unemotional snoozefest. The final battle may be redeeming to a degree, but I was so bummed by the end that I just wanted it to be over. What could have been...

  • Javier Ruiz - Good bag. But it could be better

    I really wanted to love this bag. I have been looking for a bag that fits my needs for a long time. It has to be medium-sized, be wide enough that you can carry more than just a small laptop and an iPad or Kindle inside it, and have TONS of pockets. It also has to be good-looking, sturdy, durable, and easy to use as my daily work bag. It also has to be waterproof on the outside, and easy to clean. Sadly,this one did not quite live up to my expectations.

  • Durmus Family - I purchased it online and it calculated my State (CA) ...

    I purchased it online and it calculated my State (CA) tax and final figure was I owed. However, I know that I should pay nothing. To point this out to TaxACT, I called them. Upon hearing my story and learning it that I bought it from third party- Amazon, they said that they CANNOT support it. I am stuck...

  • Momtofive - Worst product ever!

    I purchased this after seeing a commercial for the product. We have a small backyard, that had patches that needed to be repaired. We followed the directions... Loosen soil, apply product, walk on it to secure the seeds, and water 3 times a day. NOTHING. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS. the product doesn't even come out as a mouse, like the commercial. I will say this one positive thing about it, the other grass that was already established, is now growing like crazy.

  • Felix Santos - Not worth it.

    I had to return mine cause it came to me with defective marks. It also was a bad fit. It wasn't very snug at all they need to make it smaller so it folds over the center console not just lays on top of it.