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  • L. Hart-Hyde - Barry is very alive and singing from the heart!!

    It is breathtaking to hear Barry Gibb again! It has to be most difficult for him to perform without Rob and Mo, but glad he has overcome. Love all of the songs!!

  • Great Lakes Guy - WOW...

    Long story - lost a nail by dropping a qt paint can on it - it never recovered - ended up with 'nail mess' / fungus etc - In all my years as a jock I N E V E R had this problem. Wasn't willing to take the oral meds for various reasons like my liver (LOL) I bought this product - discussed this with my neighbour who is a nurse and she suggested that I file (GENTLY) the ridges down on the nail surface - did it applied this diligently and after a few weeks my nails close to normal again Just buy it it works!!!

  • ChristinaC. - Where have these been all my cooking life?

    Wish I'd known about these years ago! They fit my stove perfectly and complement the white very nicely.

  • Beth Summers - Spoiler alert

    Normally, I hate head hopping first person, mixed in with third person narration. But somehow Suzanne made it work. Like all her books, the tense in which she writes makes no difference because you are literally sacked into the story and can't put it down. I loved Board Squad John, they remind me of young Jenkins, Lopez, Danny and Izzy. I'm seriously irritated that Grunge's story is nearly a year out, but hey I can be patient. I'm also super happy that Suzanne had rebooted her writing, I've been a little disappointed with some of her other efforts in the last couple of years, so for her to return to her unique style of suspense, humor and romance makes me smile.

  • David Cornejo - Excellent coverage for an older house

    We have a lot of connected devices in our house, but there was no easy way to get WiFi throughout the large two story house. Running wires everywhere is hard because it was a rental, so I had ugly wires running inside the house and still had some areas of bad coverage. With Orbi I have removed all the wires, the few wired devices in entertainment center use the convenient Ethernet ports on the satellite and the coverage is excellent throughout the house.

  • happy shopper - Yonanas is Yo-mazing!!

    I have a 2-year-old, 4-year-old, a lactose intolerant husband & a killer sweet tooth. This product is absolutely the best thing ever because no one can tell the difference between a big bowl of Yonanas or a bed-time killing trip to the ice cream stand... or least my waistline can! By far the best purchase we've made in a very long time and definitely well-worth the space it takes up in the cabinet. Highly recommended to anyone looking for not only a health-friendly choice for their family, but an awfully tasty one as well!