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  • Katie Bargainer - somewhat works for us

    So we have a cat that used to spray everywhere. It was so bad at one point we were thinking we would have to make him an outdoor cat. Our vet recommended this product so we broke down and tried it. We've had 3 plugins for about two weeks now. We've seen a major difference in this cat. He doesn't pee everywhere like he used to. There are still some areas he does still pee in and some times he still does so but its about 85% better than it was. The package also says it can take up to 3 weeks to kick in the first time and we've only been using it for 2 so there is still room for improvement!

  • A. Audrey - Dangerous for dogs!

    I cannot speak to the effectiveness of this collar (whether it actually kills and keeps away the fleas), but I can tell you that this collar made my dog sick. I bought it for him and then left for about 5 days. My roommate was watching him while I was gone and called me to say that he was acting really weird- kinda lethargic and depressed. She thought maybe he just missed me, so I didn't think much of it. I got home two days after that, and he was very slow and was barely moving. This is a dog who hardly even takes naps during the day because he has so much energy. The vet was closed, so I did some research and found out that these collars (especially the Hartz brand) can sometimes make dogs very sick or even kill them. DO NO BUY THIS COLLAR.

  • Optmi - I can only speak for the orogold salon/store in Santa ...

    I can only speak for the orogold salon/store in Santa Barbara. It's a complete scam! You are lured into the store and they massage a peeling into the skin and claims the little balls/granulates or dirt from your skin. This if followed by a moisturizer of which is massaged into the clean arm vs a "dirty" arm, the amount of cream used on each arm is far from the same and they claim the cream only absorbed if the skin has been cleaned first. Don't buy!