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  • http://www.keirassoc.com/cmykcolourguidedescription.html CMYK Colour Guide Description - This CMYK colour catalogue has been specially designed for anyone who produces colour material for printing and who wants a quick and easy no hassle way to select colours to show the customer what the printed colours would look like when printed. The coding system used in this book is a simple three letter three digit system with the 4 CMYK numbers underneath.
  • http://www.keirassoc.com/installwindowssamplepages.html Install Windows Sample/Buy Pages - The purpose of this ebook is to show you how to upgrade to Windows 8 without losing any important files and tearing your hair out in frustration of losing important files.
  • http://www.keirassoc.com/betterhealthylivingbooktwoordere-book.html Better Healthy Living Book Two Order e-book - Order Better Healthy Living Book Two The Nutrition List This book is intended as a reference work with detailed information on the nutritions, the interactions between drugs and nutritions, the nutritions contained in different foods, a Recommended Daily Allowance, a  Tolerable Upper Intake Levels for Vitamins and Minerals not found in other health books. A list of all the major nutrients (vitamins and minerals) has been included.
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  • FWag506 - Fuel

    I am a female who has an underactive thyroid si I have a harder time building muscle. I recently lost over 35 lbs and am trying to get toned and tightened. I tried this because I felt that a testosterone boost may stimulate some musclerosis production or overall just build stamina so that I can work harder and have some relief with better recovery. I was surprised to find that very potent fenugreek was one of the main ingredients. I used to take that to stimulate production when breastfeeding so not sure how that correlates with testosterone or building lean muscle. Anyway, it gave me a boost of energy. I took it in the morning and it made me really nauseous. So definitely take it before bed per the directions on the bottle. I have not experienced any other negative side effects and will continue taking it until I run out. I will update then hopefully I am leaving an honest review for this item because I received a dis count. Hope this helped if it did please vote helpful below.

  • Mrs.Mom - This Cargo Bag is nice, it is large and it is supposed to ...

    This Cargo Bag is nice, it is large and it is supposed to be both rain and fire proof. My family camps a lot and we always overpack, so I was hopeful that this product would be able to help us pack more efficiently when we go camping :) As expected it did not fail me. It worked wonderful for what my families needs were. The bag itself folded up small for storage in our garage when not in use and then we were able to expand it when in use to hold the majority of our major camping supplies. My husband was very pleased with this bag and its quality and size are great for our family.

  • seraphim69 - WOW!! Impressive product!!!

    I lowered my expectations on this, my hype alert was on high alert! Nevertheless I made the move to order and got it. Wow very impressive!! I feel I have my confidence back. Sadly, so much pressure is placed on us dudes from media and advertising about how thinning /balding men are some how inferior. If you have patchy thin hair and need some coverage to complete your hair this product will do just that. I work at a job where there is high humid heat over 100 degrees and i sweat alot and this stuff rocked it, big time, also high winds preceded my walk out to the car and nothing phased the toppik, I had a few sprays of cheap hairspray in it and it passed both the high wind test and sweat test. One further note, I also applyed dermmatch first and then the toppick over my hairline, this worked great, the only issue the dermmatch ran slightly around the hairline not super noticeably, i simply would look in mirror at work take a paper towel and and damp a small spot from the heavy sweating at work and bam!! good to go!! My coworkers, didn't even notice, of course I would hide behind my bandana before an acceptable practice if you can rock that look and have a favorable enviroment for that implmentation, never goes out of style, just nice to know when I don't want to wear it I can have the illusion of a fool head of hair. Additional note I applied it to frontal hair line, it works great for patchy hair loss as long as you have enough for the fibers to attach to. If you are hesitating try the small bottle first it, took me about 15 min. to apply dermmatch and toppik and about an hour just happily looking in the mirror!!!! enjoy!!!

  • hailstormer - Overpriced!!

    This product's active ingredient is 25 milligrams of dyphenhydramine (probably incorrectly spelled) My point is It's the same thing as Benedryl, which is available as generic. I paid 5 dollars for 12 tablets of Nyquil zzz. At wal-mart, you can get 100 tablets of the same thing as a generic for 4 dollars. If you want the name brand Benedryl, you can get 100 tabs for about 10 dollars. You do the math!!!!!! It's just a money maker for the company!!!!!


    When I say this Book was ALL THAT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE...LAWDDD, I LOVE Me Some Wale and I Won't Listen To A Bad Thing About Him. Key STAYED DOWN Even When Wale Made It Hard For Her To Do So. I'm Kind of Mad At Myself for Reading It So Fast, But I Couldn't Put It Down. I Stopped Myself From Skipping To The Back Several Times. I'm Gonna Read This Book 10 More Times Becuz I Loved It That Much. Author Nicole Jackson, Us Readers Gave You A Hard Time About Releasing This Book, But BABY Was It Worth The Wait. Next Up, I Need Craven and Jazel's Story, I Wanna See Them MAKE IT!

  • Amazon Customer - Ansolutly happy with my purchase my son loves it

    Ansolutly happy with my purchase my son loves it! And it's great quality my son is a bit rough with his action figures pretending to defend the planet, and surprisingly enough the hulk and the other figures from this brand are withstanding it all 👌🏽

  • Maria Navata - Like a good number of purchasers of this book

    Like a good number of purchasers of this book, I bought this well, because, there's 4k customer reviews on it.Must be good, right? I must have missed the "children" but it's not exactly engaging (yet I hope) for babies under one. At 9.5 months now, we are trying flash cards (which he loves) and this book at times, and he seem to start picking up an interest. Before though, he would not display the same interest as his "Heads" book or Pat The Bunny. Duh, of course, it's a different book with a different purpose. But just saying, in case there are parents like me who just buy books sometimes based on number of reviews. I definitely have learned to keep in mind to buy books with the purpose in mind. :p