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KFx Drug Consultancy Initiative - Learning of Substance - KFx is a drug consultancy initiative run by Kevin Flemen. It seeks to balance a large amount of common sense with up-to-date harm reduction and drug policy information.

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  • Skyhops - Still have not received after a month.

    I still have not received this set after placing the order over a month ago. Unfortunatley, my sons 9th birthday was two weeks ago and he continues to check daily.

  • BobA - Excellent and well researched

    This is a well researched, good reading account of Ernest Shackleton's ill-fated Endurance voyage which was the Weddell-side of the "Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition" the other half being the vessel Aurora in McMurdo Sound and which does a nice job of helping the reader to come to know the men, the dogs and Shackleton himself.

  • Rahul Kucheria - Must-Have For Every Child!

    This book is a must-have for each and every kid! It has a lot of lovely stories and also some classics. I love this collection of stories and so does my little girl. I read her one of these stories before bedtime every night and she loves it. It's become such a habit that she simply cannot go to sleep unless I read her a story from this very book.

  • Cathy Phillips - Callie has done it again

    Lady Eugenia Devon is considered an ice queen. Everything she does is considered proper, and she never shows any emotion. When she overhears some ladies saying that they had heard that her husband's mistress had died, she is ecstatic. She and her husband have been married for 5 months, but it is considered a proper Ton marriage rather than a love match. She has loved her husband since she first met him, and she wants him to love her as well. When she finds a naughty book in the library, she ends up stealing it rather than letting the owner know she has it. She sets out to seduce her husband, Richard, Marquess of Devon. Richard, like Eugenia, was taught that a man's mistress is for loving and a wife's sensibilities would be upset by it. Per the book, Eugenia starts wearing low cut gowns and trying to seduce Richard before he takes a new mistress. However, he ends up thinking she has taken up with another man, and he finds himself jealous. Will their marriage become a true love match or will they be torn apart?

  • Sheree Trimuel - FREAKING AWESOME!!!

    Now this is virtual reality! WOW Sony snapped I was not expecting for my entire living room or what ever room to be that of the game your playing. How cool is this! I would recommend it if you can afford it because it's cool! Seems like this is a great Christmas gift & I would love to see the future gaming this brings to homes!