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Knoxville TN - Dentist | Jim Erpenbach, DDS | Cosmetic and General Dentistry - Dentist, Dr. Jim Erpenbach specializes in advanced restorative and cosmetic dental care in Knoxville, Tennessee.

  • http://www.knoxvilledentist.net/about-us.html Knoxville TN - Dentist | Jim Erpenbach, DDS | About Our Dental Practice - We welcome you to get to know our doctor, team and office at Jim Erpenbach, DDS in Knoxville, Tennessee.
  • http://www.knoxvilledentist.net/about-us/our-doctor.html Knoxville TN - Dentist | Jim Erpenbach, DDS | About Dr. Erpenbach - Raised in Knoxville, Dr. James Erpenbach enjoys getting to know his patients and they appreciate his gentle touch. Young children especially enjoy the many magic tricks always in his pocket along with balloon animals he makes.
  • http://www.knoxvilledentist.net/about-us/our-team.html Knoxville TN - Dentist | Jim Erpenbach, DDS | Our Experienced Dentistry Team - Our experience and professional dental team is ready to welcome you to our office.To schedule your appointment today, call: 865-240-2035.
  • http://www.knoxvilledentist.net/about-us/our-office.html Knoxville TN - Dentist | Jim Erpenbach, DDS | Welcome to Our Dental Office - Dr. Erpenbach is committed to using the latest technologies and sciences in his dental practice for his patients’ benefit. To schedule your consultation call: 865-240-2035.
  • http://www.knoxvilledentist.net/about-us/our-philosophy.html Knoxville TN - Dentist | Jim Erpenbach, DDS | Our Philosophy - Dr. James Erpenbach's Philosophy: Our purpose is to treat and respect our patients as unique individuals while providing the finest quality in dental care possible.
  • http://www.knoxvilledentist.net/about-us/blog.html Knoxville TN - Dentist | Jim Erpenbach, DDS | Our Blog - Dr. James Erpenbach shares health information on his Blog. For a question or to schedule a consultation call: 865-240-2035.
  • http://www.knoxvilledentist.net/services.html Knoxville TN - Dentist | Jim Erpenbach, DDS | Cosmetic and General Dentistry Services - Because Dr. Erpenbach embraces the idea of biomimetic dentistry, he seeks to restore smiles and promote total body harmony. To schedule an appointment today, call 865-240-2035.
  • http://www.knoxvilledentist.net/services/cosmetic-dentistry.html Knoxville TN - Dentist | Jim Erpenbach, DDS | Cosmetic Dentistry - Dr. Erpenbach believes that every dentist should approach their work with cosmetics in mind. For a consultation call us today: 865-240-2035.
  • http://www.knoxvilledentist.net/services/cosmetic-dentistry/clearcorrect.html Knoxville TN - Dentist | Jim Erpenbach, DDS | ClearCorrect - Dr. Erpenbach offers ClearCorrect, a popular alternative that corrects crooked teeth using a series of clear, removable trays, or aligners, that are virtually invisible when worn. For a consultation, call us today: 865-240-2035.
  • http://www.knoxvilledentist.net/services/cosmetic-dentistry/porcelain-veneers.html Knoxville TN - Dentist | Jim Erpenbach, DDS | Porcelain Veneers - Knoxville Dentist, Dr. Erpenbach, can create or restore a just-like-new luster to your smile with a cosmetic procedure using custom-designed porcelain veneers. Call today: 865-240-2035 to schedule a consultation.
  • http://www.knoxvilledentist.net/services/cosmetic-dentistry/teeth-whitening.html Knoxville TN - Dentist | Jim Erpenbach, DDS | Teeth Whitening - Professional teeth whitening can refresh your smile and give you a more radiant appearance at affordable prices.
  • http://www.knoxvilledentist.net/services/family-dentistry.html Knoxville TN - Dentist | Jim Erpenbach, DDS | Family Dentistry - As a general and family dental office, Dr. James Erpenbach's Dentistry offers the full range of dental treatments that lead to great prevention and hygiene. Call us today: 865-240-2035.
  • http://www.knoxvilledentist.net/services/restorative-dentistry.html Knoxville TN - Dentist | Jim Erpenbach, DDS | Restorative Dentistry - Dental health impacts overall wellness, so it’s important to address any conditions and problems in the early stages. With restorative dentistry, Dr. Erpenbach can correct damage and revitalize your smile.
  • http://www.knoxvilledentist.net/services/restorative-dentistry/bridges-dentures-partials.html Knoxville TN - Dentist | Jim Erpenbach, DDS | Bridges, Dentures & Partials - Lost teeth cause a host of problems such as difficulties chewing, speaking, and even smiling. With bridges, dentures, or partials, Dr. Erpenbach can improve your oral health and appearance.
  • http://www.knoxvilledentist.net/biomimetic-dentistry.html Knoxville TN - Dentist | Jim Erpenbach, DDS | Biomimetic Dentistry - Dr. Jim Erpenbach practices Biomimetic or "tooth-conserving" Dentistry in Knoxville, TN. This approach allows for more comfortable procedures and longer-lasting restorative dental work.
  • http://www.knoxvilledentist.net/oral-systemic-dentistry.html Knoxville TN - Dentist | Jim Erpenbach, DDS | Oral-Systemic Dentistry - Ongoing Research shows a growing number of links directly interweaving oral health and overall health. Everything part of your mouth has direct access to the inside of your body, so it’s easy to see how the connection makes perfect sense.
  • http://www.knoxvilledentist.net/finances-policies.html Knoxville TN - Dentist | Jim Erpenbach, DDS | Finances & Policies - At our dental practice, we know that dental insurance and payment matters can be confusing. Our team will help you navigate the process and answer any questions you have. As a courtesy, we will file your dental insurance.
  • http://www.knoxvilledentist.net/find-us.html Knoxville TN - Dentist | Jim Erpenbach, DDS | Find Us - We are conveniently located in Knoxville and serve the greater metropolitan area. Our office is open during the regular hours of 8 to 5, Monday through Wednesday, and 8 to 4 on Thursday. Call Us Today: 865-240-2035
  • http://www.knoxvilledentist.net/find-us/patient-registration-form.html Knoxville TN - Dentist | Jim Erpenbach, DDS | CKnoxville Tennessee Dentist | Jim Erpenbach, DDS | Patient Registration Form - Please download your Patient Registration Form. By preparing this information in advance we hope to save you time during your visit with us!

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